Heirloom Cuisine

Couples at The Ritz-Carlton, Sanya are requesting menu items, such as diminutive steamed buns, that reflect their culinary heritage. “It’s something that makes the guests feel at home,” says Executive Chef Chris Southwick. A respected chef from the couple’s region is invited to advise the culinary team on how to make the dumplings just so, often investing an entire day in the recipe’s subtle nuances. The end result? Worth every minute.


At Sharq Village & Spa in Qatar, weddings tend to be the stuff of storybooks, their receptions reflecting the local flair for lavish dishes. Among the array of offerings, the much-requested Lamb Ouzi perhaps creates the most dramatic impression. Burnished roast lamb is presented on basmati rice infused with fragrant spices and strewn with an extravagance of pistachios, almonds and pine nuts.


At The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore, chefs are accustomed to fashioning menus that reflect the traditions of brides and groom with differing backgrounds. For an event that married French and Asian cuisine, creations took the form of chicken consommé with dumplings of seaweed and scallop, tart yuzu fruit tempering sweet layers of stacked mille-feuille, and a supple, slow-cooked salmon bedecked with house-made preserves.


Executive Chef John Coleman often goes to the ends of the earth for his wedding clients at The Ritz-Carlton, Dallas. He recently spent a day with a Russian bride’s "baba," learning to make Russian classics — house-smoked salmon, eggplant with dill, piroshki — Grandma’s way. The talk of the reception was the delicate chicken skin, stuffed with homemade chicken sausage, which hit the perfect note for a grand dinner à la russe.


A bride and groom of Italian descent had their hearts set on an authentic Tuscan menu for a reception at The Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove, Miami, including the bride’s favorite dish, poached pasta purses. Executive Chef Khaled Ibrahim's meal proceeded in extravagant antipasto platters, several seated courses, a Prosecco toast and limoncello — along with those perfect little purses, napped with a delicate cream sauce.

Make a special presentation with Juliska

For a meal as special as the heritage-inspired plates shown here, Juliska’s impossibly beautiful tableware makes a fine serving companion. From glassware, ceramics and flatware to linens and lighting, Juliska helps clients create inspired tables, founded on a rich European heritage of centuries of artisanal design.

Royal Crown Derby’s British tradition

One of the world’s oldest manufacturers of English fine bone china, Royal Crown Derby has been a favorite of British royalty since its inception in the 18th century. We served our “baba”-inspired dish on a plate from the company’s Gold Aves collection — the gilded tableware was a fitting companion for a grand Russian feast.

Beautiful tables by Michael Wainwright

Classically trained as a jeweler and sculptor, tableware designer Michael Wainwright combines porcelain with precious metals to create functional and breathtaking works of art. Inspired by the romance of Mediterranean shores, his Amalfi collection reflects pure oceanic blues highlighted with 24-karat gold and platinum.