Miao: Art, Athleticism and Music

Entertainers celebrate our guests by recreating a memorable stay at
The Ritz-Carlton where they danced, sang and flipped through the air in front of a live audience at The Ritz-Carlton Shanghai, Pudong.  Miao means “mysterious and full of wonder” in Mandarin, just like our creative and anticipatory service. Watch as we bring memories to life and relive a memorable performance.

  • Miao Performance (Full)

    Watch Miao come to life and experience the celebration of luxury and Chinese hospitality. Go backstage as the performers prepare themselves for this magical evening. Enjoy the show from the bellboys’ warm welcome to a singing chef and a spectacular grand finale that wows all.

  • Miao Performance (Short)

    Experience Miao and watch one couple’s stay unfold through a live theatrical performance. Find yourself captivated by the dramatic arrival of the sunflower and entranced by the tap-dance theatrics of the general manager. This is a show unlike any other, where Chinese hospitality meets luxury.

  • China's Best

    <p>A show this unique, with such varied spectacles led the producers to gather a uniformly exceptional but geographically diverse group of entertainers from all over China. Weeks of preparation went into their elaborate costumes and acrobatic performances. The diversity of their training and experience make <em>Miao</em>unique.</p>

  • Costume Design

    A nod to the heritage of The Ritz-Carlton, the costumes are inspired by the Shanghai colonial period of the 1920s and are actually modeled after the real uniforms of the Ladies and Gentlemen. The bellmen amaze the couple with an act of acrobatics, and the housekeeper delights with contemporary ballet.

  • Celebrating Memories

    <p>The inspiration for <em>Miao</em> came directly from the wonderful memories the Ladies and Gentlemen create every day for guests.<em>Miao</em>brings these memories center stage through a custom performance where the art of luxury and Chinese hospitality come to life right before your eyes. </p>

  • A Talented Team

    The performance creates a dreamlike picture of how our Ladies and Gentlemen go above and beyond in meeting even the unexpressed wishes of our guests—a General Manager skillfully tap-dancing between duties or a chef singing as he cooks. The surprise and delight of our guests is a true hallmark of The Ritz-Carlton.

  • Creating Wonder

    <p>Not only does an event like this take practice and dedication, it needs inspiration and vision. Behind this performance is a talented choreographer who has combined singing, dancing and acrobatics. And, one who brings a global view having staged productions in Singapore, London, New York and Hong Kong.</p>

  • Costume Design

    Two welcoming figures will greet our happy couple at the hotel. The first, our Sunflower Girl, represents long life and good luck in China—and auspicious beginnings. Following soon after is our receptionist, the embodiment of the warm welcome and graciousness found at The Ritz-Carlton.

  • Service As Spectacular

    <p><em>Miao</em>is the first performance to explore the intersection of creativity and hospitality. The performance begins when two guests are led to a stage where they’re met by bellboys who welcome them with amazing acrobatics. Their magical journey includes a dancing receptionist, a ballerina and a singing chef.</p>

  • Setting the Stage

    <p><em>Miao</em> not only celebrates memories, but also evokes a sense of enchantment through the set design. Outside of The Ritz-Carlton Shanghai, Pudong an open air venue welcomes guests to get close to the performance. With the Ladies and Gentlemen lining the audience, spectators are sure to feel part of the story.</p>

  • A Magical Hotel

    The performance features a young couple visiting The Ritz-Carlton for the very first time. After a warm welcome, their arrival soon turns into a luxurious fantasy as the hotel staff entertains the guests with a thrilling mix of acrobatics, dancing and singing, all of which creates a memorable experience.