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30th Anniversary

Afternoon Tea
The Ritz Carlton

Served Wednesday through Sunday
2:30 and 3 p.m.
Reservations Required
For reservations please call (404) 240-7035


The origins of this ancient brew are lost in the mists of time. One story goes that in 2737 BC the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung was overthrown and banished to a remote part of southern China. Driven by poverty to drinking only hot water, he was pleasantly surprised when one day some leaves fell from a bush into the saucepan he was heating. The resulting infusion cleared his mind and relaxed him wonderfully, and so he drank it continuously for the next seven years, naming it Tai (peace).

By 780 AD, tea drinking had developed into a socio religious rite of exquisite refinement in both China and Japan.

Tea was the Orient's best kept secret for over a thousand years. Indeed, it wasn't until the Portuguese formed a trading post at Macao at the mouth of the Mekong River that tea was introduced to the West.

When tea first came to Britain at the beginning of the 17"' Century, its arrival went almost unnoticed. In 1596, news had reached Queen Elizabeth I of the quaint Chinese custom of tea drinking and she sent out some ships to investigate. They were never heard of again!

Another twenty years went by before tea finally arrived in England aboard Dutch ships, trading in Japan. Catherine of Braganza, the Portuguese bride of King Charles 11, brought tea chests to England as part of her wedding dowry and popularized the custom of taking tea at court.

However, tea was still considered an expensive novelty, costing the equivalent of the average weekly wage for a pound of tealeaves.
By the end of the 17th Century tea was becoming increasingly affordable and more popular. Tea was first served in coffeehouses, the exclusive domain of male society, but within a very short time this new drink was being enjoyed by everyone from members of Parliament to maidservants.

Part of the attraction of tea drinking was the strange and delicate equipment that it required. The ships bringing tea from China also carried unusual pots with spouts made from white porcelain or from hard red pottery.

Tea drinking became a sophisticated pastime and the teapot emerged both as a fashion object and status symbol. By Victorian times, even the poorest home in Britain owned a teapot.

Signature Tea Blend

Harney & Sons 30th Anniversary Blend


Ritz Brut, Champagne, France NV


Smoked Salmon, American Caviar
Pumpernickel Bread with Cream Cheese
Cucumber with Dill and Lemon Ricotta Cream
Traditional Egg Salad, with Truffle
Prosciutto and Melon Canape with Canteloupe
Open Face Turkey Canape with Orange Marmalade
Georgia Shrimp Profiterole with Tarragon and Basil
Blini with Caviar and Crème Fraiche


Chocolate Orange Financier
Fresh Fruit Tart
Citrus Raspberry Shortbread
Grand Marnier Profiterole
French Macaron
Cherry Pistachio Tea Cake
Honey Madeleine
Mini Chocolate Flan Tart
30th Anniversary Sable Cookie

per guest


Master Tea Blenders

In 1985, The Ritz-Carlton Buckhead was crafting a new tradition with our Afternoon Tea and partnered with Harney & Sons to offer the premier tea selection our guests have come to expect from us. Thirty years later, we are proud to renew that partnership to offer the Harney & Sons 30th Anniversary Blend exclusively at our Anniversary Tea. 30th Anniversary Blend Dry Leaves Large black tea leaves sprinkled with Chinese Silver Needle and Yunnan Golden Tips. Liquor A rich brown Aroma This is an unflavored tea, so the aroma is that of toasty Assam with a hint of the earthiness of Yunnans. Caffeine Level Caffeinated Body This is a medium bodied black tea. The strength from the Ceylon and Assam are lightened be the Silver Tips and Golden Tips. Flavors The traditional flavors of good Ceylon & India: Toast and light honey notes with that hint of Yunnan earthiness and spice.