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Guest Rooms & Suites

Our 134 guest rooms measure 50 square meters on average, the largest in Kyoto. These are luxurious spaces that incorporate the traditional elements of Kyoto. Guests can relax both body and mind while experiencing the wind, the light and the scenic beauty in the rooms overlooking the Kamogawa river and Higashiyama mountains. Some of our suites have outdoor gardens modeled after traditional Japanese tsukimidai “moon-viewing decks.” Our “Grand Luxury” rooms are designed to express both Japan’s serene warmth and its elegance.


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(show details) 45 - 62 square meters
A sophisticated space that’s bright, modern and well-designed. A spacious sofa sits two comfortably, while a table and a lounge chair by the window offers a relaxing setting to enjoy the views. The room features traditional Japanese motifs, including beautiful examples of shippo, a specialty of Kyoto craftsmen. Calm and zen-like, this room is a place for serenity.
(show details) 50 - 62 square meters
Nakaniwa is a deluxe room facing a karesansui, or traditional Japanese rock garden. Featuring artfully-placed rocks amid carefully tended white sand that invite reflection. From 50 square meters, they each feature a king-size bed or two double beds with space to relax on the sofas or table by the window. Adorning the space are traditional Japanese motifs including colorful shippo, a specialty of Kyoto craftsmen. Enjoy Kyoto’s living beauty in this sophisticated space.
(show details) 52 - 55 square meters
Views of the Kamogawa river and the famous Higashiyama mountains change with the seasons. These spacious rooms from the floor-to-ceiling windows with an abundance of natural light. The interiors showcase traditional Japanese motifs and crafts, including beautiful shippo, one of the many specialties of Kyoto.


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Garden Suite
(show details) 65 square meters
With its special tsuboniwa garden, this room is surrounded by nature’s serenity. A sofa and table for two grace the living room, and a king-size bed in the bedroom. This suite consists of two rooms totaling 65 square meters, to allow you to relax comfortably. The room’s interior features traditional Japanese decorations and crafts, including classic examples of colorful shippo, a specialty of Kyoto craftsmen. Take a moment to contemplate the richness of Kyoto craftsmanship, a cornerstone of the ancient capital’s traditions.
Garden Terrace Suite
(show details) 62 - 72 square meters
Like a beautiful byobu, or folding screen painting, the Higashiyama mountains rise majestically in the distance. With its private terrace deck featuring a Japanese garden, you can take in the vistas from the table in the heart of this zen space. Views of Kyoto can also be enjoyed from every room - the bedroom with its king-size bed, the living room and the bathroom. The interior is enhanced by traditional Japanese motifs and crafts, including beautiful shippo, one of the many specialties of Kyoto. Enjoy a spiritual respite in this luxury space with a traditional hanare garden hut.
Garden Terrace Suite TATAMI
(show details) 62 square meters
The garden and tatami elegantly combine like a traditional hanare garden hut. The mind relaxes in this modern Japanese space.

Enjoy views of the Japanese garden with the famous Higashiyama mountains in the background from both living and tatami rooms. Relax in the traditional way, on tatami mats, and enjoy a good night’s rest on the futon. A table on the balcony allows you to spend a relaxing time contemplating the Japanese garden.
Corner Suite KITA
(show details) 100 square meters
This 100 square meter corner suite is located in the hotel’s northeast corner. Through large windows in two directions, the beautiful, vivid scenery of the Higashiyama range welcomes you. You will be delighted by the breathtaking views from this luxurious location. From this vantage point, you can look out upon the Gozan Okuri-bi, the famous Gozan ceremonial bonfires in August. By the window, an elegant table for two and a long seat invite you to recline. As the view reflects the changing seasons, gaze to your heart’s content at this famous scene. This room features a king-size bed, for perfect relaxation and deep sleep. A connection to the next room, Luxury KAMOGAWA, is available.
Corner Suite TATAMI
(show details) 100 square meters
A restorative space where tradition and modernity meet.

This tatami room faces south, overlooking the streets of old Kyoto. You can relax on tatami mats, as well as experience sleeping the traditional Japanese way, on futons. It’s a serene yet quintessential Japanese experience. From the separate living and dining rooms, you can enjoy the lovely scenery to your heart’s content as it changes with the seasons. Connection with the next room, Grand luxury TATAMI, is available. Experience the peaceful atmosphere of this elegant space. This room is recommended for a group or family.
Corner Suite MINAMI
(show details) 115 square meters
Gazing out upon the landscape of lush greenery, the Kamogawa river, and the expanse of the ancient city’s traditional tiled roofs, you can sense the heartbeat of the ancient city. This is a 115 square meter south-facing corner suite. By day, you can marvel at the landscape on the banks of the Kamogawa river. By night, you can enjoy Kyoto’s nightscape. Big south-facing windows give a bright and open atmosphere to every room, including the spacious living room with sofa, the dining room, and the bedroom with its king-size bed. The room’s elegant and comfortable interior features traditional Japanese motifs and crafts, including examples of shippo, a specialty of Kyoto.
(show details) 126 square meters
From this 126 square meter suite, you can look out on the Kamogawa river and Higashiyama mountains from three directions. The scenery shifts as it changes with the seasons. The wide sofa in the living room and the long seat and table by the window provide a relaxing space to enjoy a thoroughly luxurious respite. In addition, there is a working desk for two people. This room is both a convenient and a comfortable place to stay. The interior design features traditional Japanese motifs, for which Kyoto is famous, including shippo. This room can be connected to the deluxe Luxury KAMOGAWA rooms on the third and fourth floors.
(show details) 140 square meters
View the famous Daimonji bonfire during the Gozan Okuribi Festival from elegant moon-viewing deck overlooking the Higashiyama mountains.

The tsukimidai, or moon-viewing deck is lit with lanterns arranged in the garden to create an attractive atmosphere. This comfortably large, 140 square meter room consists of a living room, dining room and bedroom with a king-size bed. The interior features traditional Japanese motifs, including traditional shippo. The Tsukimi Suite is a harmonious living space for today’s luxury traveler.
The Ritz-Carlton Suite
(show details) 212 square meters
The most luxurious suite in The Ritz-Carlton, Kyoto has a ceiling that looks like a traditional Japanese house and reflects the heart of ancient Kyoto with its timeless beauty. The suite offers an impressive 212 square meters of space with a living room with a fireplace, separate dining room, a bedroom with a king-size bed, reading room, study and large bathroom. The majesty of the serene Higashiyama mountains in the distance and the Kamogawa river views can be enjoyed from your private balcony with a fireplace. This suite can be connected to our Luxury KAMOGAWA rooms.
Accommodation Type Size (feet2) Size (m2) Location View
Deluxe 45 - 62
Deluxe NAKANIWA 50 - 62
Luxury KAMOGAWA 52 - 55
Garden Suite 65
Garden Terrace Suite 62 - 72
Garden Terrace Suite TATAMI 62
Corner Suite KITA 100
Corner Suite TATAMI 100
Corner Suite MINAMI 115
Suite KAMOGAWA 126
Suite TSUKIMI 140
The Ritz-Carlton Suite 212
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