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Social Celebrations

When special occasions call for the experts in San Juan event planning.

Celebrate life’s milestones with the help of our professional San Juan event planning team. With 30,000 square feet of venue space spread across eight lush acres, The Ritz-Carlton, San Juan is the ideal location for any celebration – weddings and anniversaries, corporate holidays and conventions, or birthdays and reunions. From a five-course dinner in the private dining room to an elaborate gala in our ballroom venue, we specialize in creating events your guests will remember for a lifetime. 

Our event planning team will assist you in securing overnight accommodations for your guests at any of 416 enhanced guest rooms, selecting savory menu selections from our culinary offerings and fashioning elegantly staged décor in your selected venue.

Inspiring Extraordinary Events

Allow the Ladies and Gentlemen of The Ritz-Carlton to provide you with a customized proposal for your upcoming event.

Photography Concierge 
Let our professional photographer capture your special occasions and guide you throughout our beachfront heaven in an interactive photo session. For more details, please click here.