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Find the hotel rewards information you need, including how The Ritz-Carlton Rewards works, its benefits and more. For further assistance, please call 866-922-6882.

Introducing The Ritz-Carlton Rewards

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What is The Ritz-Carlton Rewards?
What is the advantage of joining?
How do I enroll?
Who are the participating partners?
What is the relationship with Marriott Rewards?
Can guests belong to both The Ritz-Carlton Rewards and Marriott Rewards?
What brands participate in The Ritz-Carlton Rewards?
How can I learn more about The Ritz-Carlton Rewards?

Member Benefits

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Will The Ritz-Carlton Rewards offer an Elite program? What are the Elite levels?
What are the Elite benefits?
Are there special rates or promotions for members?

Making a Reservation

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How do I earn points or miles for stays?
I have an existing reservation, as a new member of The Ritz-Carlton Rewards, can I add my account information to the reservation to earn points for the stay?
Can I make a reservation using a combination of cash and points?
How do I reserve a stay using a combination of cash and points?

How to Earn and Redeem

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How can members use their points?
How do members redeem points for a complimentary night stay?
How do I find out the number of points needed for a complimentary night stay?
Will The Ritz-Carlton Rewards offer No Blackout Dates?
I have an existing redemption reservation through Marriott Rewards and I have received the certificate. Do I need to order a new certificate?

Managing Your Account

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Where can members view their account information online?
How will members receive their account summary?
May I request a full accounting or folio of my hotel stay?
Can I access my hotel folio online?