Combine cash and points for reservations on

Redeem rewards for complimentary nights for a portion of your stay, while you accrue points and Elite night credits for your cash nights within the same reservation.*

This reservation option can open doors to new experiences at The Ritz-Carlton hotels worldwide by giving you the freedom to add a few deserved days of relaxation after a business trip, extend your vacation, or better manage the points you redeem for a stay.

We invite you to try this reservation option from The Ritz-Carlton Rewards.


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To reserve a stay combining cash and points

First, check “Use Rewards Points” in the Reservations search box.

When the reservation form opens

Select your room type/points for your stay of two nights or more.
Then check the “Use cash and points” box.

This will open a calendar for you to:

  • Select your cash nights and your redemption (points) nights
  • Explore different rate combinations
  • Select the best suggested rate combination
  • Receive a complimentary 5th redemption night
  • Book available PointSavers® rates and exclusive member offers
  • Add additional days to a trip

*Beginning in 2016, you will be able to combine points and cash for a single night stay or for multiple nights – starting with as few as 15,000 points for a single night.