Prepare For Your Spa Experience

Prepare For Your Spa Experience


How can I make a reservation?

Reservations may be made by calling the spa directly or by requesting a service online. We encourage you to reserve treatments at least two weeks in advance.

When should I arrive?

For your enhanced comfort and relaxation, we suggest that you arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled treatment. This will allow you to prepare for your spa treatment and relax in our lounges, saunas and steam rooms.

Who can guide me in choosing my treatments?

Our spa reservation department will help you plan the perfect experience, including the best order in which to enjoy your treatments.

What should I wear during my treatment?

Most body treatments are enjoyed without clothing. However, please wear whatever is comfortable for you. During all treatments, the body is fully draped, except for the area being worked on. Robes and slippers are provided. Lockers are available for your personal items.

What about my jewelry and valuables?

If you are staying in the hotel, please leave valuable items in the safe in your guest room. Otherwise, lockers are available for your personal items in the spa facility.

Should I shave before a treatment?

Shaving is recommended but not necessary for men prior to a facial. If you do choose to shave prior to your facial, be sure to do so at least 8 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. Shaving is not recommended prior to any body treatments or hair removal services.

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