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Eco-Adventure Center group activities include Surfing, Stand-Up Paddle Boarding, Body Boarding, Beach Olympics, Scavenger Hunt, Cooking with the Masters and Explore the Shore. To customize your group excursion today, please call Lyn Evins, Director of the Eco-Adventure Center at (949) 240-2000 extension 5839 or via email at

Beach Bonzai 
This is a boogie boarding and body surfing activity. After a quick lesson on waves we will match everybody up with a suitable wetsuit. On our walk down to Salt Creek Beach, we will stop at different lookouts along the way and explore longshore drift and rip currents. Once we are ready to get into the water, the Naturalist will give a safety demonstration. Then, it’s time to hit the waves for some fun in the sun! When everyone is tired out we offer snacks and water and suggest just relaxing for a minute. The Naturalist gives each Ambassador a memory picture CD as a keepsake recapping all the boogie boarding action. This is a high-energy activity for thrill seekers looking for some adrenaline and fun. 

The Biggest Show on Earth
In this excursion participants will explore the migration routes and playgrounds of some of the most interesting creatures in existence. We will begin in the Learning Center where our Naturalists will lead the group in a quick activity to share information about our local whales. After a short drive, participants will arrive at Dana Point Harbor where the boat’s crew will give a short safety demonstration and then we will all leave the harbor. As the captains search the seas for our Cetacean friends, (that’s dolphins and whales) the Naturalists will teach about hunting/migration/mating facts about our underwater California coastal neighbors. When we find dolphins or whales, the captain will stop and allow for pictures and interaction with the animals. After the exploration, and a quick ride back to the Indoor Learning Center, we will view any videos and pictures in a slideshow. Pictures will be placed on Facebook and can also be purchased upon request of the group. This is a great adventure for anyone who wants to view the most amazing and massive creatures on our planet. 

Cooking with the Masters
This activity features an organic cooking experience with our master chef that is an exceptional team-builder! We begin with a tour of our organic garden, which features recycled planters for our vegetables and herbs, a water-recycling system complete with a cistern and water pump, and several organic fruit trees. While exploring the garden, we will pick any herbs or vegetables that are needed for the upcoming culinary experience. Next, it is time for the group to participate in gourmet organic cooking alongside the executive chef of The Ritz-Carlton. This will take place in an outside location if desired or in The Ritz-Carlton kitchen. The chef will lead the group in cooking a unique meal that has been planned ahead of time by collaboration between the chef and your event planner. Once the food preparation is complete, it is time to enjoy the delicious feast. 

Explore the Shore
We begin by giving a quick introduction of our local tide pools and then proceed to see them ourselves. Finds may include: sea anemones, urchins, small fish, sand castle worms, and hermit crabs, along with much, much more! After the exploration, the group will relax, rehydrate, and have a snack before setting out for more investigation. Along with tide pooling, the group will also gain a better understanding of kelp, the infamous grunions, boring clams and sand crabs during appropriate seasons. The group will also gain an understanding of the importance of leaving shells and rocks on the beach. Participants will have a great time discovering different aquatic life in our very own tide pools in this very hands-on, wondrous, activity-filled excursion. 

Sea the Forest Through the Trees
Imagine a community where all the inhabitants work together in perfect harmony. The kelp forest creates such a community under the sea. Discover the magnificent kelp forest while learning about its diverse population and what we can do to protect it in this snorkeling activity. 

Stand Up Paddling
Experience California’s incredible coastline from the water by learning to Stand Up Paddle. Before taking a leisurely paddle in the Dana Point Harbor or Laguna Beach, a private group instruction will be given upon arrival. You will then learn about the abundant marine life of Southern California, as well as its spectacular coast line. No previous paddling experience is necessary, however, be prepared to get your feet wet. 

Learn to surf in one of Southern California’s most beautiful and sought out surfing locations, Laguna Beach! Experienced surf instructors will help with beach safety and knowledge about getting the most out of your surfing adventure. Get fitted for wetsuits and surfboards and head into the water for a refreshing and exhilarating taste of what California is famous for.