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As the season changes, so does our skin. Each month, the spa offers a selection of seasonal services designed to address the body’s changing needs.

Summer Cure Facial

Celebrate the month September with a Summer Cure Facial

As the endless summer days come to a close, all of the environmental damage from sun exposure, thick sunscreens, and smoke from fire pits begins to show.  The Summer Cure Facial deep cleans impurities from the pores, brighten pigmentation, and hydrate parched skin.  A veil of sunscreen protects the skin from further environmental stresses. To continue reversing the damage from summer, a 15% discount on the skincare regimen recommended to you by your skin care expert is extended.

60 minutes | $250.00

Phyto Corrective Clay Masque Facial

Celebrate the month of October with a Phyto Corrective Clay Masque Facial

In the spirit of the fall season, experience a premier, Skin Ceutical Phyto Corrective Clay Masque Facial.  Designed for all skin types, the esthetician applies a Phyto Corrective Serum, followed by a Clarifying Clay Masque to lock in and infuse deeply beneficial ingredients.

60 minutes | $250