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DEQ Terrace & Lounge is an urban outdoor oasis, nestled in Toronto’s downtown core with a breathtaking view of Simcoe Park and the CN Tower. With comfortable furnishings, an expansive outdoor patio and open-air firepit, this luxury lounge in Toronto offers a light lunch menu as well as all-day dining options with a distinctive menu which focuses on Mediterranean inspired dishes carefully prepared for a shared dining experience with your guests. DEQ also offers a tasteful wine list selected by our Wine Director.

Canadian-Inspired Cocktails for Canada’s 150th Anniversary

The Confederation
2 oz. Crown Royal XR
1 oz. Local IPA beer
½ oz. Remy Martin Louis xii
½ oz. yellow Chartreuse
½ oz. Ice wine
.75 oz. Lemon juice
1/4 oz maple bitters
½ oz. Maple beer foam

The Confederation cocktail is tailored and fashioned with a very compound approach to give complexity and depth that represents Canada's diversity, where diverse cultures in single habitation creates one amazing country, so does this cocktail, many elements and flavours coming together to craft an astounding cocktail.

The crostini garnish with molasses signify a time between colonial and confederation when soldiers would consumed beer, molasses and stale bread mixed together before heading to war.

1867 Cesear

2 oz Forty Creek Confederation Whisky
1 oz Housemade Ritz Bar Caesar Mix
1/2 oz Fresh Lime Juice
6 oz Clamato Juice
Fresh Ground Pepper
TOCA Pinot Noir Reduction (Float)

The Bloody Caesar is synonymous with Canada. The cocktail was invented by a Canadian and is enjoyed year-round in our country. This Ritz-Carlton signature Caesar elevates the Canadian classic to a higher level of luxury, while preserving its savoury yet refreshing flavour profile. Keeping with the high standards associated with the cocktail program in Ritz Bar, our signature Caesar Mix is made in-house, while the garnishes represent ingredients found throughout Canada. The whisky used in the cocktail commemorates Canada's upcoming 150 year Anniversary of Confederation. The TOCA Pinot Noir Reduction represents Ontario's world class wineries and vineyards. The cheese selection represents the province of Quebec and the influence that French culture and cuisine has within Canada. Finally, the East Coast Lobster Tail represents the Atlantic provinces and their history of hospitality, it will also be the prominent garnish. The cocktail is finished off with a sweet and savoury aspect; by incorporating bacon and maple syrup (two of the most recognizable Canadian ingredients in the world), a unique flavour profile is created which contrasts the citrus and spice found in the Caesar itself.

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Monday - Sunday 11 a.m. – 1 a.m.
Afternoon Tea Saturday & Sunday
Seating at 12 p.m. & 3 p.m.