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PALM BEACH, ARUBA – August 22, 2017 - The Ritz-Carlton, Aruba is celebrating luxury travelers’ nearly universal passion for coffee with its newest experiential culinary offering, Ritual Coffee Culture. The chic new venue lends a rustic, warm feel to the contemporary coffee bar concept, reflecting the warmth of the coffee, the hand-crafted nature of its offerings – and the welcoming vibe of Aruba. Featuring the Illy Coffee Blend, Ritual Coffee Culture will present coffee aficionados with a variety of menu items, featuring the brew in its well-known drip coffee formula as well as a range of coffee, artisanal pastries, desserts, sandwiches, homemade gelato and healthy salads.

Savvy luxury travelers and knowledgeable coffee consumers are often drawn to coffee bars offering handmade drinks and artisan pastries, and the more in-depth the coffee program, the more interesting the venue becomes. Ritual Coffee Culture aims to please the most discerning coffee lover with a menu based on several kinds of coffee brewing methods using Illy Coffee blend to provide the best quality, including filter coffee, and iced coffee, espresso, cold-extraction/-drip coffee, nitro coffee, other specialty lattes and a range of delicious non-coffee beverages.

Cold-drip coffee uniquely drips cold water through ground coffee to extract natural flavors of coffee beans over a period of 18 hours. This process offers a smooth and delicious finish.  Nitrogen cold-brewed coffee is a newer concept centered around the process of pumping nitrogen into cold brewed coffee using a process similar to that used in creating craft beer.  The result is a creamy, silky texture with bold and rich flavors.

The food component at Ritual Coffee Culture will be highlighting Aruba’s local flavors, including carefully crafted bakery and lunch offerings featuring local ingredients. The menu is inspired by the chefs favorite bakeries and will feature pastries, cookies and morning breads, along with local delights such as Aruban Cashew Cake, local rum cake, and homemade granola bars. Guests looking to enjoy a quick on-the-go option will be delighted with the epicurean sandwich selections, such as caprese or roast beef paninis. Additionally, guests can enjoy salads such as a signature kale quinoa salad, prepared daily with fresh and crispy kale, roasted mushrooms, avocado and a pesto vinaigrette. The menu will also include seasonal holiday favorites based on the culinary team’s personal inspirations.

“We are thrilled to be incorporating a delicious coffee and artisanal concept to our resort”, said Joanna Van der Rhee, Assistant Food & Beverage Manager. The various coffee brewing methods along with delectable pastries and sandwiches showcase innovative and sophisticated ways of enjoying life’s simplest pleasures.”