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Snorkel 101 and 102
Learning the ins and outs of snorkeling in order to explore Great Bay’s colorful inhabitants beneath the surface. 

Coral Reefs: Cities Under the Sea
Ever wonder what a coral reef actually is? Is coral a plant, an animal or both? Through games, multimedia and an outdoor excursion, explore the magical ecosystem knows as the “City Under the Sea:” the coral reef.

Eco Chefs
Explore our garden and discover how organic practices can produce healthy vegetables, herbs and fruit, while helping the environment in the process. Create tasty snacks using our solar oven, and learn how food affects our health and the world around us.

Night Out at The Ritz
Get outside after the sun goes down with night vision eyewear to explore the edge of the mangroves to discover what kind of life can be found after dark. 

Island Safari
Donning safari apparel, join us on an educational safari to learn the island’s natural inhabitants.