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New menu offerings at luxury resort offer guests a true taste of life in the islands

ST. THOMAS, U.S.V.I. (APRIL 21, 2017) – The best way to experience a destination is through the stomach and not surprisingly, more and more travelers are motivated to travel by the chance to eat locally. To ensure that curious guests get a true taste of the Virgin Islands, The Ritz-Carlton, St. Thomas is introducing a selection of distinctly local food offerings, designed to introduce the island’s most popular fare. The dishes, designed by the local Ladies and Gentlemen, are a reflection of the foods they grew up eating and continue to eat on a daily basis.

 “We want to offer foods that aren’t just reminiscent of the islands, but dishes that are truly favorites of the locals; things Caribbean people eat every day,” said Chef Michael Grau, the resort’s executive chef.  “This is our version of a home-cooked Caribbean meal.”

In addition to the new menu offerings and for those who wish to get out and eat amongst the locals, the resort concierge will offer guests a list of restaurants offering the best in St. Thomian cuisine, a unique  mixture of West African, Arawak, Indian and Danish influences. New menu items at the resort include:

Lemongrass Bush Tea

There is nothing more distinctly Caribbean than bush tea, a fragrant concoction of fresh herbs steeped in hot water, often accompanied by sugar or honey. For Caribbean people, the days start not with coffee or tea from a bag, but from the herbs, or “bush,” growing outside. The resort’s iced version is made with fresh lemongrass from the garden, and its simple preparation leads to complex and delicious flavors. Guests are invited to taste bush tea upon check-in to the resort and throughout their stay.


From Spanish empanadas to British meat pies and Italian calzone, most cultures have some form of meat encased in a delicious pastry.  In the Virgin Islands, it is pates, a pie filled with meat, fish or vegetables. A “street food” favored by locals as a light snack, the crispy, crunchy dough and warm filling are a perfect taste of Virgin Islands cuisine. The meat or vegetable pates in Sails Restaurant are made locally and brought fresh to the resort each day.

Fish Cakes

With fresh fish so readily available in the warm Caribbean waters, all islands have their own version of Caribbean fish fritters. The fish cakes in Sails Restaurant are made with two locally caught fish, snapper and mahi. Mixed with fresh herbs, onion and garlic, breadcrumbs and a scotch bonnet pepper for heat, they are served with a spicy remoulade.

For reservations or more information about dining options, please contact the concierge: 340-775-3333. For room reservations, please call 1-800-542-8680 or visit