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A dimly lit lounge area with elegant seating
Davidoff Lounge
The lavishly appointed Davidoff Lounge offers a luxurious setting for cigars, wines and live entertainment.
View into large humidor with boxes of cigars
Davidoff Lounge
At Davidoff Lounge, a humidor houses a large selection of fine cigars that pair well with curated wine list.

The lavish and opulent Davidoff Lounge is the luxurious haven to bask in the unmatchable pleasure of exclusive cigars, choice wines, and live entertainment. 


The Ritz-Carlton Beijing Lobby/Ground/B1 level 

Monday to Sunday Bars and VIP rooms: 7 p.m. - 2 a.m. 
Club Capacity: 60
Direct Line: +86 (10) 59088070 / 8076