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BEIJING, CHINA – November, 2015 –The Ritz-Carlton, Beijing is delighted to announce the appointment of Mauro Altea as Chef de Cuisine of Barolo, an award-winning restaurant in Beijing. With an abiding passion for cooking and extensive experience in the field, Mauro is perfectly poised to showcase his native cuisine in the Barolo kitchen.

Mauro embarked on a professional chef career in 2000 in his hometown in Sardinia, Italy. He gained valuable experience before his career took off and brought him around the world. Prior to joining The Ritz-Carlton, Beijing, Mauro spent the last 15 years honing his culinary skills at various renowned hotels and restaurants, including Hilton, Armani and Shangri-La across Italy, Australia, Dubai and Malaysia. His footprint in different countries has not only improved his cooking skills to meet international standards, but also taught him to respect different cultures.

Mauro is well-versed in fine dining techniques especially pertaining to Italian cuisine. He focuses on preparing his dishes using the best quality products, locally-grown organic and seasonal produce. His signature dish is Squid Ink Ravioli, which was inspired by his “nonna” (Grandmother). While this is traditionally served as a stew he has put a modern twist on the dish by adding a touch of Asian inspiration. Another traditional dish from his hometown is Crispy Baby Pig which he slow cooks for one and a half hours, and then covers with wild blueberry leaves. This perfumes the meat with a fruity aroma, taking guests on a culinary experience of Sardinia.

When he is not in the kitchen, Mauro likes to explore new places, and is also an avid reader. He lives by his own unique mantra: “The more passionate the cook, the better the flavors”. Now, Mauro is at The Ritz-Carlton, Beijing eager to surprise and delight guests by presenting his own unique spin on Italian cuisine.


Classic Italian cuisine with a modern twist is served in quiet elegance and cozy ambiance of Barolo, where dining provides an exceptional Italian experience, defining the Italian lifestyle in Beijing.