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Let love go beyond five kilometers and grant the wishes of 15 children with leukemia

CHENGDU, China – March 5, 2016 – Every child has a dream, to play under the blue sky, to swim in the sea and more. For us, childhood is an innocent memory full of laughter and happiness, but for kids with leukemia, childhood means spending time in different treating rooms with IV infusion tubing attached to their arms and taking a lot of medicine. After the success of the “Dream Run” program in 2014, which granted the wishes of 15 kids, The Ritz-Carlton, Chengdu once again collaborates with Sunny Dreamer Chengdu Childhood Cancer Volunteer Service Association, for the 2016 “Dream Run” activity, with the aim to give another group of 15 kids with leukemia a chance to have their dreams come true.

The 15 kids who will be receiving help are recommended by Sunny Dreamer Chengdu Childhood Cancer Volunteer Service Association and West China Women’s and Children’s Hospital. The kids’ ages range from 2 to 13, and the severity of their condition also varies. With their different conditions and treatment progress, their chances of getting healed also vary.

Leukemia is a group of cancers that usually begin in the bone marrow and result in high numbers of abnormal white blood cells. It damages the bone marrow, and people with leukemia may easily bruise, bleed excessively, or develop pinprick bleeding. As kids endure the pain from the illness, their families also bear the burden of expensive treatment fees. Some very common ways of entertainment and having fun seem like a luxury for them.

During the 2014 “Dream Run,” we were able to raise 100,000 RMB and granted the wishes of 15 kids. Ladies and Gentlemen at The Ritz-Carlton, Chengdu took them to the amusement park to ride the carrousel, to the Aquarium to discover the amazing world under the sea, and to the beach to enjoy the sunlight and the waves. The kids were also given cute stuffed toys such as SpongeBob, Doraemon and Piggy Man. The smiles on their faces were a reflection of their simple idea of happiness. “The kids suffer a lot during their treatment. If we can make them happy, grant their wishes with just a little effort, why not do so?” The Hotel Manager of The Ritz-Carlton, Chengdu said when asked about the reason behind the launching of the event.

It is very simple to grant the wishes of these kids. Just donate 150 RMB per person for the charity fund, and complete a five-kilometer run from the Chengdu Sports Center. The hotel also designed a themed t-shirt for this event. Each participant can get one as a souvenir. We also specially invited a professional photographer to capture the memorable moments at the event for you, and you can have your picture within two minutes. Each photo costs 15 RMB, which is one more way of giving to the kids.


We greatly appreciate the support and kindness of enterprises like Chengdu QingYang District Party Assistance Service Center and Chengdu Sports Industry Co., Ltd. Their compassion is a perfect example of spreading the spirit of charity and love in the community. “Party member volunteers should and will set an example in charity events like ‘Dream Run’. We devote ourselves to attracting and encouraging more people to participate in charitable activities, to be grateful, to learn to give back, and to serve the community,” Executive Ms. Li from the Chengdu QingYang District Party Assistance Service Center answered when asked about their reason for participating in the 2016 “Dream Run” activity.


The Ritz-Carlton, Chengdu 2016 “Dream Run” Details

  • Date: March 5, 2016
  • Fee: 150 RMB/person
  • Location: Chengdu Sports Center
  • Prizes: We have prizes for the fastest 400m runner, fastest 5km runner, longest-distance runner, etc. We also offer Ritz-Carlton Suite and restaurant vouchers as tokens of appreciation for their kind support.
  • Join Us: Dial 028-83588888 or e-mail Let love go beyond five kilometers.