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CHENGDU, China – December 20, 2015 – Li Xuan restaurant is set to indulge diners with a Michelin two-star dining experience on January 15-17, 2016. Chef Paul Lau Ping Lui from Cantonese restaurant Tin Lung Heen at The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong will be working with Chef Michael Liang for three days to present the most authentic Cantonese food to local Chengdu food connoisseurs.

Chef Lau is highly regarded as one of the top Cantonese chefs in Hong Kong, and has won several Best of the Best Culinary Awards from the Hong Kong Tourism Board since 2001. He is an expert in Chinese culinary arts with over 36 years of experience in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Guangzhou, as well as in Dubai and the UK.

Originally from Guangzhou—one of the key coastal cities in China—Chef Lau says his family moved to Hong Kong when he was fourteen. He had the opportunity to work in the kitchen of a Cantonese restaurant around that time, and from then on, he developed a passion for cooking. “Being a chef is not a job. It’s all about passion. Passion keeps you motivated to maximize your talent and to create the best food for your diners,” Chef Lau says.

Chef Lau combines traditional and contemporary cooking concepts to create his own unique style. “I always keep myself updated on the emerging trends and developments in Cantonese cuisine. I can draw inspiration from anything around me,” he says. “For example, when I pass by a flower market, I visualize how those beautiful and attractive flowers can be presented in my upcoming dishes.”

“I am looking forward to my upcoming trip to Chengdu, a city that is also rich in gastronomic history and culture, but the flavors, the cooking methods and the techniques are very different from Cantonese cooking,” says Chef Lau. “I believe the differences can give me and my team some new inspirations and innovative ideas. Ultimately, what I want to see are the smiling faces of the Chengdu diners, and I have to ensure every diner there will be able to taste and enjoy the food to the fullest.”

For this special culinary event, Li Xuan Chinese restaurant will be presenting a Michelin two-star menu featuring signature dishes from Chef Paul.

The “Steamed Crab Claw with Egg White in Hua Diao Wine” is an excellent dish with specially selected Vietnamese crabs. To keep the crab meat’s naturally sweet flavor and freshness, we only separate the crab pincer from the crab shortly before preparing the dish. Steam the crab pincer and egg white together over low heat. Sprinkle a little Hua Diao Wine over the crab when it is cooked to enhance its natural aroma. The sweetness of the crab meat and the aromatic Hua Diao Wine infuse the tender egg white with flavor.

The dish “Sautéed Prawns Skewed with Jin Hua Ham and Vegetables” showcases Chef Paul’s great control over fire. Fire is always essential in the preparation of dishes. Either too strong or too weak, it will significantly affect the taste of the prawns. Wash the prawns and marinate in a mixture of salt, sugar, oil and other ingredients. Immerse the prawns in 80℃ oil. Add to the broth that is made with ham, chicken and pork bone, and stir fry together to add more flavor to the prawns.

The dish “Fried Rice with Alaskan Crab Meat and Green Tea” is consistent with the refined tea culture highlighted at The Ritz-Carlton, Chengdu. Steam the rice with Japanese green tea powder and then stir fry with egg. Transfer to a plate and top with shredded Alaskan crab meat. The freshness of the tea and the natural sweetness of the crab combine together to give diners an authentic taste of nature.

Aside from these dishes, diners can also have a taste of Chef Paul’s other signature creations including “Pan-Fried Scallop with Ginger, Spring Onion served with Crispy Cake,” “Steamed Garoupa Fillet with Jin Hua Ham and Superior Bird’s Nest” and “Double-Boiled Chicken Soup with Matsutake Mushroom, Red Date and Fresh Abalone”.

Li Xuan Chinese Restaurant
2016•1•15 – 17
Cantonese Individual Set Lunch:
RMB 688+15% service charge, or RMB 488+15 service charge per guest
Cantonese Individual Set Dinner:
RMB 988+15% service charge, or RMB 588+15 service charge per guest

About Li Xuan Chinese Restaurant
Explore the rich culinary heritage of China at Li Xuan. From the time-honored pleasures of Dim Sum to the fiery charms of Sichuan’s native cuisine, let Chinese Chef Liang and his kitchen team guide you on a journey of delight and satisfaction.

Acclaimed for his innovative interpretations of classic—and often intricate—Chinese dishes, Chef Liang’s decades of experience in Hong Kong, Hangzhou and Beijing have established him as a world-class expert in China’s finest contributions to gastronomy.

In the lively setting of the main hall or the quiet seclusion of a private dining room, sample Chef Liang’s expert preparations of world-famous classics alongside his own personal creations perfected over decades in some of the nation’s top kitchens.

Seats: 120
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