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GUANGZHOU, CHINA— May 4, 2017— Chef Andrea, The Ritz-Carlton, Guangzhou LIMONI Chef de Cuisine presents a reinvigorated menu this early summer, incorporating specially imported freshly harvested seasonal ingredients and combining unique cultures of 20 regions in Italy, featuring authentic homemade cuisines. Guests may satiate their taste buds with 28 new a la carte creations and 5 new desserts.

Chef Andrea uses a wide selection of summer produce to design 28 delicate dishes in this new menu. The newly curated menu offer authentic dishes which Chef Andrea gathered them through his 16 years of work experience in Michelin-starred restaurants. In addition to the traditional Italian dishes, LIMONI also offers the "Chef’s Selection" dinner menu, which is updated regularly according to the availability of freshest seasonal ingredients and the newest demand to keep diners excited at LIMONI.

“8 Assorted Leaves, 6 Micro Greens and 8 Flowers” is a dish that you need to taste “vertically”. From top to the bottom, the greens are tiered according to their characteristics and paired with homemade dressing made with apple juice, lemon juice and honey. Upper layer is filled with organic flowers and butter lettuce giving an absolute appetizing sense of sweetness. As you explore the middle tier, more intense flavor avails whilst the bottom offers the most robust taste to wrap up the dish. Be mesmerized by the unique sensations and tastes in one dish.

Fish is a must for summer. Alaskan black cod is a popular dish for diners around the world for incredibly flavorful with a delicate texture and smooth, buttery fish with abundant omega 3-oils. The “black cod with whiskey sauce and pan-fried mushroom" reinforces the magical combination of fine spirits and freshest ingredients. Chef Andrea glazes the black cod with the smoky flavored "Talisker 10 years single malt Scotch Whisky" before searing it lightly. The black cod is superbly rich and silky; blends fantastically well with the homemade whisky sauce to transform into an awesome intense flavorful dish.

LIMONI also offers a variety of desserts. The highlight is "Chef Andrea's signature dessert picture painting”. Chef Andrea fully embraced artistry and transforms this dish into a picturesque "Picasso culinary,” using chocolate as the drawing pen and the plate as the palette to create sensations of textures and an aesthetically perfect and satisfactory sweet ending.

Besides, the new menu also preserves some classic all-time-favorite dishes, like Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese and Tomato Salad,” Beef Carpaccio with Basil and Capers”. The “LIMONI Focaccia with D.O.P. Parma Ham, Mascarpone and Black Truffle” is a must-try. Its inspiration came from the Italian focaccia bread, sandwiched with sweet and soft mascarpone cheese and Parma ham. The black truffle elevates its flavor, making it an extravagant.

"Italy has a vast territory with abundant of resources and a diverse culinary culture,” says chef Andrea, “The menu aims to showcase the essence Italy’s rich culinary tapestry and we hope all guests will share our passion for Italian gastronomic.”