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The foundation of Jiuzhaigou cuisine is built upon highland barley and spices, paired with delicate yak meat and vibrantly colored vegetables. Resort restaurants build on this tradition with contemporary offerings catering to diverse palates. Tibetan tea and signature cocktails fill the glasses in the Lobby Lounge. At Choy Lam Heen, the Cantonese and Sichuan menu features vegetarian specialties. Named for the mountain in Italy, La Montagna uses local ingredients to prepare authentic Italian dishes. And at Rumah Padi, Southeast Asian food is offered in a log cabin-inspired setting.

Windows overlooking ancient villages offer the perfect view for partaking in a traditional Tibetan tea ceremony or signature cocktails.

Cantonese and Sichuan cuisines are given a contemporary touch in this restaurant, where the interior reflects the colorful forest of the Zhongcha valley.

Named for the snow-covered Montagna Mountain in Italy, the restaurant incorporates traditional ingredients and local products in authentic Italian dishes.

Popular Southeast Asian dishes, combining traditional ingredients and tropical spices, are served in a log cabin-inspired space.