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Macau, June 15, 2016 – This summer, Lai Heen at The Ritz-Carlton, Macau is drawing upon its unparalleled expertise in creating authentic Cantonese cuisine, to offer a novel fusion menu that takes guests on a sophisticated and extraordinary gastronomic journey. Created by Chef Bill Fu, the “Taste of Innovation” menu flawlessly combines Lai Heen’s highest levels of service and sublime dining environment, with unmatched culinary craftsmanship that centers on superb ingredients and masterful cooking techniques.

Available now until August 31, these innovative and delectable fusion dishes, created from French ingredients and enhanced by distinctive Cantonese cooking finesse, immerses guests’ palates in an unforgettable ‘east-meets-west’ experience. Complex textures, offering surprises in every bite, is the result of high-quality and classic French ingredients (known for their freshness, lightness and clarity of flavor) perfectly crossed over with time-honored cooking methods such as steaming, double-boiling, braising, stir-frying, and baking that have evolved from 5,000 years of Chinese cooking.

The first delicacy on this innovative menu is the Sautéed Garoupa Fillet and Scallop with French Blue Mushroom. Leopard coral garoupa is renowned the world over as the highest-quality garoupa in its class, and this delicate ingredient eagerly absorbs and enhances the flavors of any accompanying ingredient. When paired with the French Blue Mushroom, the intense scent of the fungi is infused with the delicate aroma of this exquisite fish, to offer delightful new flavors. To add yet another layer of taste, the garoupa and scallop are lightly fried, before being tossed with fresh, succulent French Blue Mushroom in a superior stock.

Chef Bill Fu’s second creation is the Mashed Potato Accompanied with Duck Liver in Snow Date Puree and Ginger. Hand-picked to balance out the more intense flavor of duck liver, the snow date offers a sweet flavor and fresh sensation that perfectly complements the subtle aroma of ginger. Two delicate slices of duck liver will be plated, with the first being the epitome of French gastronomical luxury – rich, buttery and delicate goose liver – and the second slice, a testament to Lai Heen’s mastery of Chinese cooking, is made of potato and lam yu (fermented beancurd). This re-creation will undergo an intricate process of blending, freezing and frying, in order to match the sensation of the original. Tasting the two slices at the same time will truly tickle guests’ taste buds like never before.

In true Cantonese cuisine, no meal would be considered complete without noodles, a humble Chinese invention. The third highlight of this French-Chinese fusion menu, Tan Tan Noodle in Lobster Bisque Topped with Brittany Lobster, offers guests a truly unique fusion dish, set to become an instant classic. The lobster meat is first stripped from a premium-grade Brittany lobster and the shell is baked with other select ingredients for two hours. The stock is a mixture of lobster shell, Chinese spices, cinnamon, brandy, and lobster roe which is then cooked for three hours, before being carefully hand-blended with a vegetable and tomato stock. This meticulous cooking method brings out the full taste of the ingredients, and harmoniously pairs the worlds of French and Chinese cuisine. The dish is topped off with a freshly steamed lobster claw, which is only placed on top of the noodles right before the dish is served, to retain maximum moisture.   

This enchanting gastronomic experience culminates with the Fresh Fig Stuffed with Blueberry Puree, an exquisite dessert that refreshes the palate and offers a sweet ending to the meal.

To ensure that this fine dining experience is truly exceptional, guests can opt to pair contemporary wines with classic vintages from 1989 with each course. Lai Heen’s master wine sommelier will craft the perfect pairing experience that will indulge guests’ senses.

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