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Macau, China – October 7, 2015 – Lai Heen, Macau’s highest Chinese restaurant, will be taking Yangcheng Lake’s seasonal bounty to new heights with a limited-time menu crafted to bring out the best of Suzhou’s Hairy Crab. Available from October 13 and priced at MOP 1,588* per person, Lai Heen’s Hairy Crab menu is sure to provide guests with a culinary experience that leaves an indelible mark.

The inspiring menu showcases a selection of enticing delicacies, including Six-tael (7.8 ounce) Whole Hairy Crab and Double-boiled Snow Goose with Cordyceps and Dried Longan to Steamed Brittany Lobster Fillet with Crabmeat and Crab Roe on Egg White and Steamed Glutinous Rice with Crab Roe in Dark Vinegar, all guaranteed to leave diners impressed and their taste buds satiated. The six-tael whole hairy crab is a key highlight of the menu as the crab is masterfully steamed to perfection to bring out the natural umami flavor whilst retaining the soft and tender texture of the crabmeat. To further elevate the culinary experience, the Ladies and Gentlemen of Lai Heen present this exquisite dish at the table in gueridon, demonstrating the highest level of craftsmanship.

“The distinguishing characteristics of the best-in-class Yangcheng Lake Hairy Crabs include a shiny and greenish grey shell, pale abdomen, golden claw and fine yellow hairs,” explained Chef Bill. “While female crabs tend to have much fuller and creamier flavors, male crabs are intensely aromatic with a significantly tenderer texture. I like to consider how to bring out these characteristics through a range of traditional Chinese cooking techniques to find out what works best. After all, the finest ingredients deserve only the highest level of craftsmanship.”

For gourmands who are passionate about salutary diets, Chef Bill’s Double-boiled Snow Goose with Cordyceps and Dried Longan is the perfect choice. The protein-rich snow goose exudes the distinguishable taste of goose, while the cordyceps nourishes the lungs and kidneys and boosts the immune system.

The Steamed Brittany Lobster Fillet with Crabmeat and Crab Roe on Egg White is also a signature dish to look out for. Beaten egg white is added to crab roe and crab meat to bring out the intrinsic freshness of seafood. Brittany Lobster, cooked in low temperature to preserve the tenderness of the flesh, is then carefully placed on top of the steamed egg as an extra touch.

The Steamed Glutinous Rice with Crab Roe in Dark Vinegar contrasts tender strips of male crabmeat with the firm and chewy texture of glutinous rice. Pairing hairy crab with glutinous rice, Chef Bill not only heightens the freshness of the crab but also bringing a sense of warmth to the guests in the autumn breeze. By using ginger in the glutinous rice and Sweetened Ginger Soup with Glutinous Rice Dumplings and Sweet Potato, its "warming nature" balances the "coolness" of the crabmeat. Together with other meticulously prepared items include Chinese Bun with Crab Roe, Crab Roe Scallops, Bird's Nest with Crab Roe and Bean Curd with Crab Roe, Lai Heen presents guests with unparalleled seasonal delicacies.

To elevate the hairy crab experience, guests who are joining this seasonal menu will be granted a special Hua Diao cocktail named Hua Diao Passion introduced by Lai Heen as Hua Diao is a high-grade Shaoxing wine with a sweet taste that highlights the flavor of the crab. The restaurant also serves a selection of four Gu Yue Long Shan, a prestigious brand under Hua Diao that is rich and aromatic with a refined taste for gourmands looking to take their culinary journey to the next level.

Please see the appendix for a detailed menu. For dining reservations and enquiries, please call (853) 8886 6706 or email

*Price is subject to a 10% service charge.