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Macau, China – March 1, 2018 – Visit The Ritz-Carlton Bar & Lounge this March to indulge in the ultimate bar and cocktail experience, at a destination where daytime dining seamlessly blends into nightlife and the city skyline twinkles under the evening sky. The Ritz-Carlton Bar & Lounge is taking cocktail culture in Macau to new heights with drinks crafted by award-winning mixologist Mr. Maxim Schulte; the rarest gin experience in the world; and a dining and cocktail collaboration with Singapore’s famed Izakaya restaurant, Neon Pigeon.

Mr. Maxim Schulte Wins World’s Biggest Gin Competition
Mr. Maxim Schulte, mixologist at The Ritz-Carlton Bar & Lounge, just won Global Winner at Beefeater MIXLDN 7, the world’s biggest gin-based cocktail competition. In February 2018, mixologists from 31 countries faced off to create the finest gin concoctions, and after three days of competition, Maxim came in first place with his signature creation Stack of Fortune, a bright and fusion of Beefeater 24 Gin, fresh lime juice, white crème de cacao, fresh mint, and homemade bitter orange blossom sherbet, topped with butterfly pea flower soda. Visit The Ritz-Carlton Bar & Lounge in March to sample Maxim’s world-class, award-winning gin creations in the heart of Macau’s vibrant Cotai district.

The World’s Most Exclusive Gin
Indulge in a rare and prestigious gin experience like no other, as The Ritz-Carlton Bar & Lounge presents our finest Watenshi – the world’s most exclusive gin, served in Baccarat luxurious glasses. Officially recognized twice as the most innovative alcohol around the globe. Watenshi is distilled at half the pressure found on top of Mount Everest and at a temperature lower than the coldest day recorded at the South Pole, resulting in a gin of unparalleled intensity and complexity. The Cambridge Distillery has been able to capture the “Angel’s Share”, yield just 15ml per distillation of their Japanese Gin. Only nineteen bottles have been produced in the world. Experience this stunning gin, with notes of sweet, citrus and spice, supported by bitter juniper and an incredibly long, complex finish only at The Ritz-Carlton Bar & Lounge.

7-Course Menu and Cocktail Pairing Dinner with Neon Pigeon
In a first-to-Macau collaboration, The Ritz-Carlton Bar & Lounge is partnering with Singapore’s headline-grabbing modern urban Izakaya restaurant Neon Pigeon to introduce an exclusive 7-course dinner and cocktail pairing experience from March 16-17.

Conceived and crafted by Neon Pigeon’s Head Chef Justin Hammond, the 7-course dinner offers a sampling of Neon Pigeon’s famously fun and accessible dishes, which highlight the finest Japanese flavors in a modern way and with an unexpected, nostalgic slant. Dishes include a three-layered Tuna Tartare with tuna, avocado cream and yuzu jelly; Confit Duck Leg which is cooked in its own juices and topped with a traditional Japanese Ishiyaki sauce, then served with Nori paste mashed potatoes, persimmon and pickled Daikon; and Crispy Pork Belly which is braised first before fried to crispiness to intensify the full umami flavors and accompanied by a fresh Japanese salad.

Guests can take the gastronomic experience to the next level by savoring unique Neon Pigeon Cocktails created by Symphony Loo, Neon Pigeon’s Bar Manager and Head Bartender who was recently named "Rising Star of the Year" in the Bar Awards Singapore edition 2017. The unique concoctions include the Teared Negroni, a signature Neon Pigeon cocktail that puts a twist on the classic Negroni by featuring sake and umeshu rather than gin and is topped off with prosecco; the Shibuya with a Suntory Kakubin whisky base and Yuzu marmalade jam, Cointreau chamomile, and lychee liqueur; and the Geisha which offers a light and fruity take on a classic martini, incorporating apricot brandy and sherry, as well as shitake mushroom-infused sake and umeshu.

To reserve your spot at the Neon Pigeon pairing dinner, or for general reservations and inquiries on The Ritz-Carlton Bar & Lounge, please call +853 8886 6706 or email


Neon Pigeon Drinks Pairing Dinner at The Ritz-Carlton Bar & Lounge


Date: 16th March 2018, Friday & 17th March 2018, Saturday

Neon Pigeon’s Famous Dishes



Set Menu

Tokyo Hummus

The perfect dish to start the evening with. A classic hummus but with a Neon Pigeon twist. Using Edamame instead of chickpeas covered with Furikake, a Japanese topping of sesame, seaweed and Bonito, along with our personal blend of spices, which enhances the flavour. Served with toasted curry chips to dip into the hummus and enjoy together.




388 per set for 1 person


598 per set for 1 person with four drinks pairing


Tuna Tartare

This dish is made up of 3 layers:
First is the Tuna chopped up and seasoned with Shoyu, capers and chives. A creamy egg yolk is added to bind the tartare, similar to a classic steak tartare. The second layer is an avocado cream, which gives the dish more body. And the third layer is a Yuzu jelly, which breaks the creamy flavour of the avocado and tartare, giving it a great balance.

Crispy Brussel Sprout

Giving the classic pairing of brussel sprouts a Japanese twist, they are roasted until crisp and tossed together with Mirin glazed bacon to give the savoury a little sweetness. A Yuzu-Karashi mustard to dip in gives the dish a kick of sharpness.


Japanese Crab Cakes

Traditional crab cakes, made with lump crab meat and herbs, served with a spicy and wasabi/avocado sauce. To cut through it we add fresh Nashi pear.


Confit Duck Leg

The inspiration is a French dessert - Tarte Tartin. The Gyoza skin representing the tart shell and baked persimmon the fruit filling. The duck cooked in its own juices is topped with a traditional Japanese Ishiyaki sauce along with onions for a little sweetness in a savory soy base. The mash potatoes use Nori paste made from milk and seaweed sheets, blended until smooth then folded through traditional Parisienne potato puree for a creamy, umami combo. The duck is placed onto the mash topped with the persimmon, pickled Daikon, Gyoza skin, Togarashi, and spring onions.


Crispy Pork Belly

A full umami flavoured, braised pork belly, which is fried to give a little bit of crispiness and to intensify the flavours. We serve it with the braising sauce and a salad of Japanese leeks, onions and Mizuna, and a sesame/lemon dressing adding freshness to the dish.


Japanese Citrus Curd


The lemon curd is made using Japanese sudachi limes giving it a refreshing, zingy flavour. We offset it with a little Yuzu juice, so essentially there is a blend of juices. Buckwheat flour is mixed with regular flour to give the crumble in this dish a familiar, buckwheat - Soba noodle type of flavour. Placing the curd on top of the crumble adds a refreshing citrus creamy texture and flavour to the earthiness of the buckwheat crumble. We top this with Italian meringue, and blowtorch the meringue, giving us tinges of burn and creaminess. we top with toasted buckwheat grains and fresh Shiso leaves (Japanese basil).


Smokey Affair – Gin
Shibuya - Whiskey
Gei-Sha – Umami Sake/Umeshu
Teared Negroni – Bitter Sake/Umeshu

**Prices are subject to a 10% service charge and 5% government tax.