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- Meet with Hainan -

Sanya, China, May 31, 2017 – At The Ritz-Carlton Sanya, Yalong Bay, the special events and catering teams have elevated meetings into exceptional experiences that foster connections and creativity, as part of The Ritz-Carlton global event platform that is named “A Meeting of the Senses”.

By curating unexpected sensory experiences that enlighten the participants, A Meeting of the Senses – Meet with Hainan, speaks to the creative minds of meeting planners. Thus, they are able to develop reinvigorating break, and personalized itineraries that embrace the exciting destination of Hainan. Inspired by its southernmost tropical location, The Ritz-Carlton Sanya, Yalong Bay has infused the natural richness of its idyllic surroundings into three re-energizing, as well as palatable, meeting experiences – Coconuts of Hainan, Fruits of Hainan, and Treasures of the Island.

  • Coconuts of Hainan – Reminiscent of the island’s relaxed lifestyle, the local young coconut is presented as a theme in replacement of the traditional coffee or meal break and declined into a series of succulent sweet and savory specialties, such as the crispy coconut shrimps or the coconut warm soft bread with sweet filling, along with some original creations, such as the coconut passion fruit: a combination of coconut cream, passion fruit curd, almond crumble and gelee. Coconut is also served just chilled in order to quench the thirst, or as an irresistible smoothie mixed with strawberries and a pinch of fresh basil.
  • Fruits of Hainan – With the island’s abundant nature, meeting planners and participants will surely want to succumb to such tropical bounty! This presentation will offer an indulgent selection of fruity dishes including Hainan seasonal fruit tart or the classic Hainan qing bu liang - a cold dessert consisting of juicy fruits, tapioca balls, corn, beans and other condiments bathing in coconut milk soup. Savory flavors from the seas will complement the menu, including a combination of deep-fried scallops served with Hainan yellow chilli sauce, and Hainan seabass served with a homemade kalamansi lime sauce. To conclude this regale, the traditional Hainan ice coffee, Hainan mango juice, and Hainan zhegu tea – a specialty infusion with exquisite aromas of herbs, dried fruits and licorice - will be perfect to cleanse your palate.
  • Treasures of the Island – is an ensemble of Hainan culinary art at its best. Created with the most discerning guests in mind, this comprehensive gourmet experience is composed of up to five courses. The menu enlists the much craved-for Jiaji duck, or a scrumptious Hainan guava with osmanthus sugar as some of the appetizers, followed by a Sanya seafood sour soup. A variety of locally-inspired main courses is also prepared a la minute by the culinary brigade of The Ritz-Carlton, Sanya in a line-up of tantalizing live cooking stations:
    -          Charcoaled Hainan grouper,
    -          Hainan mango clams,
    -          Wok-fried Hainan square beans with xo sauce,
    -          Stir-fried Hainan noodles,
    -          Carved Hainan dongshang whole lamb,
    -          Charcoal roasted Wenchang chicken,
    -          Hainan chicken rice, and more…

    Featuring plethora of tropical options, the dessert bar is an invitation to prolong the pleasurable discovery of Hainan:

    -          Coconut éclair,
    -          Mango egg tart,
    -          Sago coconut-honey-melon soup,
    -          Banana fritter,
    -          Mango cheese cake,
    -          Hainan peanut butter sesame ball
    -          Selection of fresh tropical fruits, and more…

    Possibility to add Charcoaled Hainan Lobster against a supplement.

Available from July 1st  to December 31st , 2017, A Meeting of the Senses – Meet with Hainan will be enhanced by the legendary service and the breathtaking venues of The Ritz-Carlton Sanya, Yalong Bay. From the soothing sounds of the sea, to the fragrances of the tropics, everything will conduce to strengthened business relationships, and creating energetic, productive executive retreats. Eventually, the resort’s beach and Central Lawn can also transform into a giant playground for personalized team-building activities that leave the group feeling united.

To reserve your Meeting of the Senses – Meet with Hainan retreat at The Ritz-Carlton Sanya, Yalong Bay, please visit, or contact us now at + 86-898-8898 8888.