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SHANGHAI, CHINA – October 30, 2017 – Standing at the forefront of the dynamic dining scene in Shanghai, Michelin One-Star Chinese restaurant Jin Xuan is set to excite and inspire gourmands with a degustation menu paired with the world’s finest luxury water collection during the month of November.

Just like wine, the quality and characteristics of water are defined by its terroir. Source, carbonation, purity, mineral content, PH value, hardness and vintage all together shape its epicurean context resulting in a unique flavor profile. This autumn, Jin Xuan has the honor to work with John Zhu, KISA Certified Master Sommelier of Water, to present a specially crafted menu bringing together scrumptious creations of Chef de Cuisine Daniel Wong and a premium water selection handpicked by John.

An array of six prestigious water is available on the a la carte menu for guests to make their very own pairing with Chef Daniel’s Michelin dishes. For those looking for an extra indulgence, John has devised a dedicated menu featuring the best Jin Xuan has to offer. Priced at RMB 2,880 per person, the exquisite six-course menu promises to open up a new dimension of water appreciation – a culinary journey full of enjoyment and surprises. The unparalleled experience begins with Smoked Duck Breast and Orange Salad paired with Namizo Confined Artesian. Originating in the unspoiled nature of Boč Landscape Park in Slovenia, this still water carries a mild sweetness, mellow texture with a tiny hint of natural bubbly, making it a perfect accompaniment to the refreshing fruitiness in the appetizer. Double-boiled Matsutake Soup with Bamboo Fungus and Cabbage is infused with Mawün Patagonian Rainwater. Staying pure with its high oxygen content, the crisp and minty rainwater echoes the freshness of the vegetable ingredients of the soup. Steamed Tiger Grouper goes extremely well with the gold-filtered mineral water Gize Spring. Extracted from the time-honed Spa Springs in Canada, its rich mineral content is a winning combination with any seafood dish.

Moving on to the mains, John pairs Crispy Cereal Lobster with Curry Leaves and Chili Padi with the slightly sparkling Elsenham Chalk Aquafer from the U.K. The refined water, with a medium mineral content and a hint of creamy softness on the palate, highlights the natural sweetness of lobster while balancing the heaviness of a deep-fried dish. Flavorful and enticing, Poached Noodles with Barbecued Iberian Pork, Spring Onion and Dark Soy Sauce promises to satisfy any cravings. The naturally carbonated ROI from Roitschocrene Spring in Slovenia has high magnesium content and hints of non-alcoholic champagne when enjoyed chilled. This distinct flavor profile and bubbly texture tone down the savory noodle dish and get the palate ready for the dessert. Homemade Almond Cream with Egg White and the Lofoten Arctic Water wrap up the dining experience on a sweet note. A winner of Zenith Global Bottled Water Award in 2016 & 2017, this exclusive water is formed with melted ice, snow and raindrops from the Lofoten Islands in Norway. Its featherlike softness, high purity and smooth texture allow the subtle taste of almond cream to shine through without overpowering each other.

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*The menu is available for a minimum of two persons. Above price is subject to 15% service charge.