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Shanghai, China – April, 2018 - In mid-April, Scena Italian Restaurant at The Ritz-Carlton Shanghai, Pudong will take dessert lovers on a unique and amazing experience in collaboration with PIERRE MARCOLINI, presenting a richly flavored “Love Pyramid” afternoon tea. The long-awaited menu will feature Scena’s signature savories alongside exquisite chocolate desserts to create a memorable and romantic afternoon tea adventure.

Love, just like a pyramid, is sacred and mysterious when viewed from outside, yet on stepping inside, it is only by exploring and discovering carefully at every single step that one will find the answer that is sought. The renowned Scena Italian Restaurant on the 52nd floor of The Ritz-Carlton Shanghai, Pudong, will transform into a wonderland for food exploration. Decorated as a “Love Pyramid”, the stylish restaurant will provide an alluring romantic atmosphere from which guests may enjoy stunning scenery on both banks of the Huangpu River. The “Love Pyramid” will echo with these beautiful outside panoramas while inside guests embark on an exploration of artistic desserts and diverse flavors.

In a cozy setting fitted with stylish furniture and artistic décor of rich earth and burgundy tones, dining at Scena promises a pleasurable experience. Amidst the elegant, albeit casual and homely, atmosphere of Scena, guests are assured of the finest service whether they are gathering with family or meeting friends, as the restaurant embraces the idea of sharing.

A shared and relentless pursuit of premium quality and an unswerving passion for innovation have brought Scena and PIERRE MARCOLINI to collaborate on this special event. The “Love Pyramid” afternoon tea consists of a selection of 8 signature chocolates and desserts from PIERRE MARCOLINI and 5 exquisite savory desserts created by the culinary team of The Ritz-Carlton Shanghai, Pudong. This bespoke afternoon tea embraces the concept of “love and share”.

The “Love Pyramid” afternoon tea includes a series of special desserts. Frisson de Thé ice cream, flavored with jasmine tea, expresses the concept of shared love. A crisp raspberry coulis with a delicate jasmine fragrance is decorated with crisp vanilla flavor meringue. Fresh passion fruit caramel mousse reminds people that a hot and passionate summer, just like love itself, is just around the corner. Roast hazelnut-almond butter and baked nuts toppings add even richer flavors to a passion fruit mousse chocolate cake. Take a bite, let it melt in your mouth, and feel the flavor gradually explode on your taste buds. This is food that imitates what the happiness of being embraced by love is like. Orangette Chocolate offers candied oranges coated with a signature black chocolate from PIERRE MARCOLINI. Get ready to be astounded by the amazing taste of two select chocolate bean varieties sourced from South America and Africa that will accompany juicy Spanish oranges. The mixture of tastes is full of romance and surprises, and is set to leave guests indulging in the passion of love.

As an entree and a perfect balance to this amazing chocolate dessert treat, the culinary artists of the Ritz-Carlton Shanghai, Pudong have put together an imaginative selection of savory dishes for your enjoyment. Lobster Millefeuille topped with light avocado mousse and a vanilla-lime dressing includes contrasting flavors and textures in harmony, just as when opposites attract in love. Vitello tonnato on a toasted green bread and an aubergine caviar tart with a garlic mayonnaise offer rich color and strong flavors that will explode in your mouth. To refresh you and your palate, a Piquillos shot with zucchini and mint cocktail is on hand. The harmony between food and your senses will be both stimulating but calming: The Love Pyramid awaits at Scena.

“It’s an honor to cooperate with PIERRE MARCOLINI to present this afternoon tea and to dedicate our passion for culinary creativity to it. It has been a very enjoyable experience. We have brought together our expertise in premium chocolate and outstanding cuisine. To honor this special event, we are replacing our usual afternoon tea muffin with waffles from PIERRE MARCOLINI’s home country, Belgium. We believe this unprecedented afternoon tea will surprise our guests with its joyful sweetness. Enjoying this unique afternoon tea in our world renowned hotel will make you feel like falling in love,” said Mr. Giuliano, Executive Chef of The Ritz-Carlton Shanghai, Pudong.

From mid-April to June, 2018, the bespoke PIERRE MARCOLINI “Love Pyramid” afternoon tea will be exclusively served in Scena Italian Restaurant on the 52nd floor of The Ritz-Carlton Shanghai, Pudong. Chocolate lovers can be assured of an unforgettably exquisite tasting experience.

Opening Hours: 3 p.m. ~ 5 p.m. on weekends
Price: RMB 498/set (subject to 15% service charge)

* For any enquiries or reservations, please call.: (86 21) 2020 1717
Or mail to: