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SHANGHAI, CHINA – December 25, 2017 – Aura Lounge & Jazz Bar takes luxury dining to new heights with the finest selection of premium Kaluga Queen caviars harvested from the acclaimed Qian Dao Lake in Chun'an County, Zhejiang Province.

Named one of the top three gastronomic gems alongside white truffle and foie gras, caviar is highly sought-after by world-class chefs and epicures alike. Flavor profile and quality of caviar differ across many varieties, defined by their roe and method by which they are prepared. Qian Dao Lake is a haven for farmed sturgeons, thanks to its unspoiled natural habitat. Measuring 573 square meters, the natural water resource enjoys high water visibility of as deep as seven meters with abundant dissolved oxygen in the water for eco breeding of sturgeons. The lake is surrounded by a large forest area – a natural protection keeping the lake environment in its purest form.

The Kaluga Queen farming facility operates in strict accordance with HACCP regulations to ensure food safety and quality. The production process spotlights traditional handcraft techniques from Iran and Russia merged with contemporary European know-how – 16 key production steps are exactingly finished in 15 minutes in a chilled setting.

Aura is set to excite epicures with a selection of four premium caviars, served with blinis, egg white, egg yolk, shallot, chive and sour cream.

Siberian                      RMB 258 / 10g                       RMB 688 / 30g
Originating in the Siberian area of Russia, the caviar is harvested from Siberian sturgeons aged 7 to 8 years old. With a brown or black roe with a diameter of around 2.8mm, the flavor is soft and pure on the palate with a light aftertaste full of oceanic freshness.

Amur                          RMB 288 / 10g                       RMB 788 / 30g
The Amur sturgeons come from Amur River, nestled at the border of China and Russia, with a maturity of 8 to 10 years. Sized around 2.9mm, the caviar carries a brown and light gray color with a firm texture enhanced with a light, fresh and fruity aftertaste.

Russian                                   RMB 438 / 10g                       RMB 1,188 / 30g
Collected from more mature sturgeons of 10 to 11 years old, this caviar originates in the Caspian Sea and the Danube River, and has a remarkable dark brown, light brown or even golden color. The roes are firm and juicy, with high collagen content and a distinctive nutty taste.

Beluga                                    RMB 8,888 / 50g
The most exquisite pick from Aura’s caviar range, Beluga caviar is perfect for sharing for pre- or post-dinner rendezvous. Originating in the Caspian Sea, the sturgeons are farmed for 15 to 20 years before harvesting the roes. The iron gray caviar has an impressive diameter of 3.2mm, featuring a full-bodied and smooth texture and a unique buttery flavor lingering on the palate.

While it’s a definite pleasure to enjoy caviar on its own, it’s equally tempting to pair this gastronomic gem with a range of gourmet food. Aura has devised a menu spotlighting the heavenly caviar from Qian Dao Lake. Dishes of special note include David Herve fine de clair oyster with Kaluga caviar; Dill marinated Faroe Islands salmon and Kaluga caviar vinaigrette; Classical smoked salmon with Kaluga caviar and traditional condiments; Pan-seared scallops, potatoes whisk, basil pesto and Kaluga caviar; Kaluga Pizza, Burrata, Canadian spot prawn, Sturgeon and salmon caviar.

* Above price is subject to 15% service charge.
* For inquiries or reservations, please contact (86 21) 2020 1717