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‘My passion, my art.
Like love, chocolate is an eternal source of inspiration,
exciting the noblest emotions.’

-Eugene Weiss

Shanghai, China — September 4th, 2018 — What comes to mind at the mention of ‘Rubik’s Cube’? A brainstorming session or perhaps an intellectual battle royale? A fingertip tango or a riot of colored blocks? Come mid-September, SCENA Italian Restaurant at The Ritz-Carlton Shanghai, Pudong will offer guests a taste of all that, at an inspired WEISS chocolate ‘Rubik’s Cube’-themed Afternoon Tea.

In the same spirit as the chocolate-themedCheck Mate’ and ‘Love Pyramid’ Afternoon Teas, The Ritz-Carlton Shanghai, Pudong now brings you the WEISS Chocolate ‘Rubik’s Cube’ Afternoon Tea, which will display a delightful expression of playful chocolate. Vibrant colored blocks made from high-quality chocolate and blended with geometric charm will deliver the ultimate creative confection. After a leisurely weekend, treat your family and friends to an exciting afternoon tea in a comfortable and pleasant environment.

Harboring the same love and passion for chocolate as WEISS, the renowned 130-year-old French gourmet chocolatiers, the talented Ritz-Carlton culinary team has blended the fun of a mock Rubik's Cube into a jaunty Afternoon Tea. For raw materials, they’ve meticulously selected a rich variety of premium WEISS chocolates, and with enthusiasm and bubbling ingenuity, created a meld of creativity and taste. Explore the mysteries of the chocolate world, with the intrigues of the Rubik's Cube firing your creative juices. The abundant flavors of chocolate will make it an unforgettable taste experience.

‘Like love, chocolate is an eternal source of inspiration, exciting the noblest emotions.’ Eugene Weiss is the inventor of “high-chocolate”.  He created Weiss as an excellent brand through the art of blending cocoa beans from different highly-reputable cocoa producing regions. The passion of Eugene Weiss has been passed down from generation to generation and 130 years later people still feel the same emotion as at the moment of Weiss chocolate’s first production. Since 1882, Weiss roasters and chocolate-makers have perpetuated their know-how and love for their job to the next few generations. At Weiss, excellence is created through the selection of cocoa beans and raw ingredients, which come from the world’s best regions to guarantee inimitable flavours. Thanks to specialised techniques, Weiss can innovate by variating the blending of cocoa beans to obtain a unique chocolate flavour. Weiss also introduced the roasting of dried fruits to produce intense pralines or to create carefully designed fine aromas and spicy notes.  This collaboration between The Ritz-Carlton Shanghai, Pudong and WEISS springs from the same pursuit of excellence and the passion for innovation.

The WEISS Chocolate ‘Rubik’s Cube’ Afternoon Tea includes a series of special desserts - assorted chocolate bonbon, citrus and double chocolate panna cotta, Gianduja crunchy chocolate tart, sesame white chocolate coffee sphere and chocolate chips scone with mascarpone cream. The refined  melange of tastes is simply full of surprises. Take a bite, let it melt in your mouth, and feel the flavors gradually explode on your taste buds. As a perfect balance to this amazing chocolate dessert treat, the culinary artists of The Ritz-Carlton Shanghai, Pudong have also put together an imaginative selection of savory dishes for your enjoyment. Gorgonzola cheese quiche with pear compote, pistachio and cinnamon powder; assorted vegetable cream cheese on tomato bread, smoked salmon spinach bread sandwich with tomato sour cream, tobiko and capers, chestnut salami puff with mascarpone stuffing, crisp parmesan and sundried tomato and truffle ham and cheese ravioli with truffle foam and sautéed mushroom are the five savory accompaniments for our WEISS Chocolate ‘Rubik’s Cube’ Afternoon Tea. In addition to enjoying the chocolate themed afternoon tea against the backdrop of stunning views of the Bund and Huangpu River from Scena at The Ritz-Carlton Shanghai, Pudong, guests will also be able to enjoy the specially created cinnamon flavored hot chocolate drink made from WEISS chocolate as part of a refined and warm weekend treat.

From mid-September to January, 2019, the artisanal WEISS chocolate ‘Rubik’s Cube’ Afternoon Tea, will be exclusively served in Scena Italian Restaurant on the 52nd floor of The Ritz-Carlton Shanghai, Pudong. Chocolate lovers can be assured of an unforgettably exquisite tasting experience.

Opening Hours
15:00 ~17:00
Every Saturdays & Sundays
Price: RMB 438/2 persons (subject to 15% service charge)

* For any enquiries or reservations, please contact: (86 21) 2020 1717
Or mail to: