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DALLAS, TEXAS – January 10, 2018 – An exciting change awaits beverage-lovers at Fearing’s, as the restaurant’s popular Rattlesnake Bar has just unveiled a tantalizing and very different new cocktail menu. Chef Dean Fearing, his beverage artisans and several premier spirits brands have teamed up to roll out the distinctive new selection of entertaining, interactive and personally-inspired cocktails  -- and these drinks definitely do more than just quench the palate.

There’s a truly personal or creative story behind each of the new beverages. Take A Fish Called Wanda, for example Presented in a chalice and dedicated to Dean Fearing’s fiancée, Wanda, this blood orange-accented cocktail is crafted with love and is a modernized revival of a favorite 1980s bar classic, The White Cosmo (hence the 80s film-themed name).

Then there’s the interactive Tejas Railroad, a visually intriguing libation which literally causes a stir among guests, and which comes with its own set of train tracks. Equally intriguing, the watchable and entertaining Smoking Angel features a flavorful touch of pecan, while it truly mesmerizes with an animated, smoke-in-a-box presentation. When it comes to dramatic presentations, though, the Flaming Tamarindo may capture the most attention, as it is presented in a “flaming boot” pint glass and is literally on fire as it is delivered to the table or bar. As for the taste of this spectacular cocktail, the goal was to emulate fruit candies that can be found for sale along the road in many Mexican cities. This hard mango candy is dipped in a tajin chili and salt spice and takes on a remarkable and highly memorable flavor. In the Flaming Tamarindo, the flavor is much the same – similar to a mango margarita garnished with a tajin rim, with the added element of flames bursting from an ignited key lime placed in the drink when it is served.

“We’ve totally changed how we create cocktails, and I love that there’s a story or deeply personal inspiration behind each of these new drinks,” said Dean Fearing, chef/owner of Fearing’s Restaurant. “These are beverages that will engage the guest, and they’ll generate real conversation as well. We also have plenty of other signature and traditional drinks, beers and wine on the menu, but it’s exciting to see that these latest cocktails are taking on true entertainment and storytelling dimensions. I love it.”

Cocktail-lovers can sip their way through the following new signature cocktails at Fearing’s, with several featuring spirits from the American Southwest and south of the border.

Dean’s Margarita
Dean’s Hand-Selected Patron Añejo Tequila, Damiana, Agave Nectar and House-Made Sweet & Sour

A Fish Called Wanda
Absolut Elyx, Solerno Blood Orange Liquor and White Cranberry Juice

Flaming Tamarindo
Avion Silver, Tamarind Syrup, Amaretto, Tajin Chili Powder

Smoking Angel
Angel’s Envy Bourbon, Fresco Chili, Guajillo & Pecan-Maple Simple Syrup, Hickory-Smoked Candied Bacon

Tejas Railroad
Olmeca Altos Tequila, Del Maguey Vida Mezcal, seasonal Tejas Fresca, Tajin Chili Powder

Scottish Cowboy
Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve, Blackberry Mint Barmalade, Lemon and a dash of Old Fashioned Bitters

Drunken Shaman
Plymouth Gin, G.H. Mumm Champagne, Sugar Cube, Bitters, Fresh Aromatics

Ritz-Elyx Spritz
Absolut Elyx, Lillet Rosé, Q Grapefruit Soda, Edible Flowers

For those with an appetite, The Rattlesnake Bar also has enhanced its food menu, as Chef Fearing’s Lump Crab Cake Sliders are now offered at the bar. Garnished with Louis remoulade and bread-and-butter pickles, the added selection complements other bite-sized and small-plate offerings, including “Loaded” Duck Fat Tater Tots with smoked bacon-ranch dressing. Also on the Rattlesnake dining menu: Comanche Buffalo Tacos, Smoked Chicken and Mango Quesadillas, Hand-Crafted Nachos, Chicken-Fried Buffalo Quail, the Rattlesnake Burger and more.

The new 2018 cocktail and food menus at Rattlesnake Bar provide great reason to take in Happy Hour at Fearing’s. Presented from 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, with live entertainment on Thursday, Happy Hour offers $7 drink specials on all weekdays, along with $3 street tacos on Thursday. For further details, contact Fearing’s Restaurant at +1-214-922-4848.