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DALLAS, Texas – March 22, 2017 -- Fearing’s Restaurant is teaming up with The Wild Detectives to present an inventive outdoor entertainment experience designed to stimulate conversation and encourage real communication over food and drinks. The first such “Cultural Happening at Fearing’s Restaurant” will take place on Wednesday, April 12, 2017.

The Wild Detectives Present: The Live Oak Sessions will provoke a curated discussion related to the arts, culture and entertainment, with a live performance to be included as the evening’s topic comes to life. The April 12 topic will be “Movies That Should be Musicals: A League of His Own,” with creator/performer Brigham Mosley and director Janielle Kastner (Shakespeare in the Bar) presenting music and a monologue proving that the film, “A League of Their Own,” should in fact be a musical. Selected scenes from the film will be interspersed with live music, dance and commentary, as guests are entertained and inspired while enjoying the Live Oak Bar & Patio beginning at 7:30 p.m. that evening.

The new outdoor experience will take advantage of the recently redesigned Live Oak Patio setting, and of a special “cultural conversation menu” of à la carte food and drinks created by Chef Dean Fearing and his team. Attendance at The Live Oak Sessions entertainment evening is offered at $15 per person, with reservations available at

The Wild Detectives is an independent bookstore/bar venue, whose aim is to encourage community-driven cultural conversation. The result of a long interaction during which longtime friends and founders Javier Garcia del Moral and Paco Vique spoke passionately about things – books, wine, bands – that they loved, the Oak Cliff business was named Best Bookstore 20142015 and 2016 by D Magazine and Best New Thing in Town 2014 by the Dallas Observer. It also has been lauded by American Airlines’ magazine, American Way, as a spearhead of the recent American indie bookstore renaissance, while its popular team was recently invited to speak as part of the TEDx program in Arlington, Texas.