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Francesco Carbone
Operations Manager, Le Cirque Dubai

Born in Naples, southern Italy, Francesco grew up in San Nicola La Strada and successfully graduated from hospitality school with a National Italian Diploma. Starting his career as Chef de Rang in 2005, he has amassed over sixteen years of experience in the luxury hospitality industry, which he has brought to his role as Operations Manager at Le Cirque, Dubai.

Mauro Maccioni
Owner, Le Cirque

Mauro earned a BA from Columbia University.  In addition to honing his craft at Le Cirque, he worked for four summers at Gerard Boyer's Michelin three-star Le Cray√®res in Reims, France. He also spent a year working at the Michelin-two star restaurant Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence, staged at the Hotel Ritz in Paris and spent a summer under the tutelage of Juan Marie Arzac at his renowned Michelin-three star Arzak in San Sebastian, Spain.

When he was seven years old, Mauro can recall his father dressing him in a bowtie and having him serve champagne to the diners at Le Cirque.  "My brothers and I virtually grew up in our father's restaurant.  As a young child, I was sort of encouraged into thinking I probably had the same knack as my father.  I have never thought twice about doing something else."