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Dubai, United Arab Emirates, May 31, 2016: The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai Spa has infused the traditional raw elements and essences of the ancient lands of the Southern Arabian Peninsula, that during the 6th and 18th century was known as Arabia Felix, and created a uniquely tranquil experience that connects you to the heritage of the region.

The Arabia Felix is a feast for the senses holding true to its Arabian roots, it encompasses seven natural ingredients that are reknowned both in the past and the present for their invigorating properites, that have been collected from across the seven seas of the South Arabian Peninsula reaching across the Persian Gulf, Arabian Sea, Red Sea, Dead Sea, Tiberias, Mediterranean Sea and the Indian Ocean.

The Arabia Felix experience begins with donning light Arabian inspired entire, to allow for comfort and movement, while in the delicately lit room, surrounded by the calming incense of Bakhoor. Commencing with the gentle exfoliation of the feet and legs in a mixture of Dead Sea salt and sands derived from the Emirates, the feet and legs are then gently soaked and cleaned in warm relieving camel milk. Followed by a calming complete back massage with alluring heated essential oils including Argan Oil from North Africa, to ease away tension and moisturize the skin. Whilst breathing in the healing vapors of Frankincense to completely immerse the body and mind into a deep state of rest. This indulgence for the body and feet concludes at your own pace with nourishing dates and hibiscus tea, to gentle refresh the senses and revitalize the body after your journey through the Southern Arabian Peninsula.

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