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02 January 2017, Dubai, U.A.E – As 2017 begins The Ritz-Carlton Dubai introduces an all new calendar of activities for guests and members, to enjoy at the beautiful beachside resort. Blending together the influences of the Arabian culture and the beautiful natural landscape of the shores of the Arabian Gulf, with the classic pastimes and popular sports, there is an activity to suit all tastes.

Ritz Kids

A specially crafted program of adventures for Ritz Kids, give children the unique opportunity to engage with the abundant nature of the UAE. ‘Amazing Nature’ is a scavenger hunt through the lush landscaped gardens of the resort, where the youngest guests discover the different plants and trees including the plentiful date palm trees. During ‘Living Desert’, kids learn how plants and animals survive in the desert, before heading down to the beach to meet the resort’s very own camel, and enjoy a ride along the glistening shores of the Arabian Gulf.

Bird Watching

The Ritz-Carlton Dubai is famed for is vast garden landscape, a haven of peace amidst the background of the skyscrapers of Dubai, the trees and shrubbery are home to a great number of wildlife. The soothing calls of the birds can be heard as you soon as you arrive through the sweeping drive way and accompany you all the way through the beautiful lawns that adorn the beach and pool. Guests can observe and discover more about the habits and preferences of the birds present on the resort, from seasonal migrating flocks to the native birds of the U.A.E all living harmoniously in the hotels bountiful gardens.

Cultural Exploration

The Bedouin tents of Amaseena, the Arabic outside dining experience in the heart of the resort, creates the ideal setting to explore and learn about the historical highlights of the United Arab Emirates, and its founding Fathers, who have shaped the seven Emirates into the flourishing cities that can be seen today. Guests have the opportunity to find the answers to their questions about the rich Arab culture and its ancestral origins. The exploration is only completed once guests have savored the delights of traditional Emirati dishes, in their very own an Arabic cooking class.

To find out more information about the full schedule of activities or book an activity, please contact + 971 4 318 6311 or e-mail