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BUDAPEST - 17 March 2017 - It is hard to imagine the world without tea. Tea has a very long history that goes back to ancient times. Nowadays it is still one of the most consumed beverages of the world, but we still know very little about these special leaves.

There has been always something magical about tea. Tea rituals are relaxing and uplifting our body and mind, and an afternoon tea with our family or friends can truly be a special part of our day. Now The Ritz-Carlton, Budapest let you look behind the scene by its special tea session that awaits each month everyone for a tea to the hotel’s Kupola Lounge where Gábor Tálos, tea expert of Zhao Zhou, local tea supplier, guides participants throughout this magical experience. In the following we are sharing you his special tips for a memorable tea moment.

“For a great tea moment we need good company, we should allocate time for that, and of course we should take care to select the right quality of tea” said Gábor Tálos. “What is also important is to consider how the different type of teas should be handled: different temperatures of water, different steeping times, etc. These all determine our tea experience. So preparations are the key to create the best tea moments” – he added.

Regarding The Ritz-Carlton tea selection he shared the following recommendations: “The Green Dancing wulong (oolong) is the most aromatic and most friendly green tea in selection, so it is not a surprise, why it is the favourite one of many. When it comes to black tea, it is hard to choose, because each of them are quite unique. I would highlight the tea of Jun Chiyabari Tea Garden from Nepal, and Wuyi Red, which is a tea made from a small-leaved tea tree’s buds and first leaves, and its scent is like a delicious toasted brioche. For those who love green tea, I would suggest choosing Kabusecha tea from the Japanese tea garden, Yoshida. Last but not least, there is very special tea in the selection for winter and early spring, called Wuyi rock tea, which is grown in the Wuyi Mountains, and its fiery taste and warming effect makes the tea experience really unforgettable.”

He also emphasized: “When it comes to desserts and tea, it is essential to find the balance between the strength of tea and the flavour of cakes. In general we can match tea and dessert based on their colours: white and green tea are great with lightsome cakes, while darker teas make perfect match with chocolate desserts, like Ocoa Royal Chocolate Cake.”