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BUDAPEST – 4 May 2017 – The Ritz-Carlton Budapest’s destination restaurant, Deák St. Kitchen brings out a brand new summer menu for the upcoming season. Made from only the finest and freshest local ingredients, the new refreshing summery dishes provide the perfect taste for the next few months in the heart of Budapest, for both locals and tourists, who come to discover this beautiful city.

Deák St. Kitchen’s new menu offers an option for everyone, from light vegetable meals, all the way to rich meat dishes, providing a choice of traditional Hungarian cuisine with a twist. The restaurant’s guests have a chance to taste zesty zucchini with coconut kohlrabi purée, veal shoulder paprikash with a cottage cheese pasta, and a number of signature street food style sandwiches and unique salads. Moreover, for the new menu, the restaurant uses herbs - such as rosemary, cilantro, and spearmint - from its own garden, which is situated on the rooftop of the hotel building.

The summer food and drinks menus are able to be enjoyed from now onwards.

Located at The Ritz-Carlton, Budapest, Deák St. Kitchen’s esthetic is focused on internationally favored dishes with a Hungarian twist thanks to the superb local ingredients. The restaurant serves dishes of freshly grilled meat and fish, made from the highest quality ingredients, served with the finest selection of local wines and beers. Deák St. Kitchen invites guests to sip their delicious signature cocktails in the sun on its beautiful outside terrace overlooking the glamorous fashion street.

“We at Deák St. Kitchen are very excited to introduce our brand new superb summer menu, made from solely the best quality local ingredients. We were inspired by the summer vibes of Budapest, and we believe that the new sensational dishes and flavors will bring unique culinary experience to the city this summer.” - Sugár Róbert, Chef of Deák St. Kitchen.