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The Caviar

The Grand Caviars Munchen are prestigious caviars especially selected for the Fiskebar. They represent the accomplishment of long years of work of some enthusiastic passionate people.

The Intense: The Imperial caviar is brown to light brown in color. It is characterized mainly by a very intense flavor and a strong nutty taste.

The Subtle: The Royal caviar is rich in subtle flavors. Its stronger taste and light brown color are appreciated by connoisseurs.

The Suave: The Beluga caviar, rare and prestigious, is recognized among all with its big pearl gray eggs. On the palate, it is divinely unctuous. It attacks from the start on an iodized frame in perfect balance with its chew and its delicate buttered flavors; sweet notes follow light notes of hazelnuts in a symphony of flavors.

These caviars are accompanied by homemade blinis and condiments at the bar, the restaurant or to take away.