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Four glasses of red wine lined up on a bar

The Wine Philosophy

Fiskebar’s commitment to serving organic, local produce, extends to the thoughtfully crafted wine list, showcasing independent, biodynamic and organic labels. Practicing environmentally-friendly methods in nurturing, producing and distributing wines, our suppliers are dedicated to capturing the finest character and flavor of the region.

“Wine is not science; it is more like art, or even more: a life experience.
Considering this, drinking wine is not comparable to drinking any other beverage.
In my opinion, it is a mysterious adventure where pleasure, tradition, craftsmanship and skills all fuse together to give birth to one of the most intense, timeless relationship that man has ever managed to create with mother earth.
So, as the music, the wine is able to make us live or relive emotions, and it’s once you have emptied the bottle and scents still linger in the glass, in your memory the magic continues.
A great pairing doesn’t just emphasize the wine or the food, it transforms them both and elevates the partnership to a perfect harmony.

As our Kitchen philosophy, the wine list celebrates the famous domains and Châteaux, but above all independent winemakers from the biodynamic culture. It is actually wine from authors, artist, whom are making wine as natural and minimalistic as possible with the aim of regaining the natural expression of the terroirs and the lively character of the wine.”

Pierre Lelièvre
Nectars Keeper