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The Ritz-Carlton, Istanbul, is serving up a delicious menu of Turkish and world cuisine, along with the unique tastes of the Anatolian, with its new menu concept. The first Turkish Executive Chef of The Ritz-Carlton, Istanbul, Selami Güleryüz, is preparing special recipes which, up to now, have not seen the light of day for his guests with flavor discoveries all over Turkey.

Executive Chef Güleryüz’s success comes from his mastery in the Anatolian kitchen. Güleryüz’s biggest goal is to make Turkish cuisine among the best known and loved in the world. To reach this goal, he travels to all four corners of Anatolia to discover special tastes and flavours to delight his diners. At The Ritz-Carlton, Istanbul, he introduces traditional tastes borrowed from the locals with a modern interpretation, but without losing the original flavor.

He offers the new flavors he has discovered at The Ritz-Carlton, Istanbul

Executive Chef Güleryüz describes the food offered at The Ritz-Carlton, Istanbul, as containing shades of Anatolia and adds, “We cook according to the season. Do not think that it is just about ensuring the supply of seasonal foods from the closest suppliers. Indeed, we personally discover tastes at local spots, or try to provide the ingredients that add zest to our food in their natural conditions.”

The soup “Makbule Hanım Teyze” is a must taste

Executive Chef Güleryüz describes the soup “Makbule Hanım Teyze” as a must taste from the menu of The Ritz-Carlton, Istanbul, and tells the story behind it:  “The menu of The Ritz-Carlton, Istanbul, includes a soup called ‘Makbule Hanım Teyze’.  We first tried this soup when we visited Chef Erol aunt’s house in Bolu. We came away with the recipe because it was perfect and Chef Erol’s aunt was kind enough to share it with us. And we made it at our Hotel. It’s been said before, the soup is a must taste and it’s been on the menu for a year. Although the mushroom season is at an end, the soup still attracts the interest of our guests. Our soup is not one of those traditional mushroom soup recipes, it contains 3-5 different types of mushroom, and because it’s so popular, we cannot leave it off our menu.”

Executive Chef Güleryüz says that Atelier Real Food will return for guests with shades of Anatolia on its new menu. Beef shank, lamb shank, Circassian chicken, baklava, pumpkin with nut butter and oven baked quince recipes are just a few of the dishes and desserts on our menu. With its “farm to the table” concept, Atelier Real Food restaurant also brings you the delights of dishes from the Düzce region in Turkey.

Executive Chef Güleryüz began his career at Swissotel The Bosphorus in 1994 before transferring after 7 years to The Ritz-Carlton, Istanbul, where he still serves his guests special tastes with his passion and skills, just like on the first day.

Selami Güleryüz invites those guests who want to taste delicious food prepared with special recipes to The Ritz-Carlton, Istanbul.