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Anna Karnadolya, Restaurant Manager

In 2015 won the Global Discipline Awards - SABRE (Service Award for Bar & Restaurant Excellence) award as a best restaurant manager within Ritz Carlton hotels worldwide. 

“I started my career in hospitality industry more than 10 years ego. Finished the Hotel Institute Montreux, moved to London to do my internship at the Marriott Regent Park, worked for some time in Cannes. That was the time when I realized my true purpose. I was eager to get back to Moscow and to find a job at the best restaurant in the city. My dream came true and in 2008 at The Ritz-Carlton, Moscow, I got a position of an Assistant Manager of Lobby Lounge & Bar, soon gaining promotion to a Manager. In 2014 I was promoted to O2 Lounge & Bar Manager for re-opening and re-positioning of the restaurant. We put all our efforts into this project and O2 lounge was awarded as the best rebranded restaurant of Moscow in 2015 by Timeout magazine.”