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At The Ritz-Carlton, Moscow it is believed that at the weekend the breakfast should be nutritious, varied, and come to an end after noon.

MOSCOW – 01 June 2017 – The weekend morning usually starts after noon. Daily breakfast in the city is associated with business meetings, or takes place in an accelerated rhythm as in Moscow every second counts. However, on holidays and weekend there is a chance to leisurely enjoy a delicious and favorite morning meal.

For those who are not accustomed to get up early, Café Russe at The Ritz-Carlton, Moscow launches a "Lazy" Breakfast (2500 rubles per person), where every weekend and holidays an extensive buffet  is presented for guests with cold and hot dishes, fresh vegetables and fruits, including watermelon, melon and forest berries.

Oat porridges can be made with either milk or water with any additives, which can be chosen as well. Bircher muesli, low-fat and fruity yogurts, curd cheese definitely will appeal to adherents of a healthy lifestyle.

A varied selection of egg dishes: from omelets with any fillings to poached eggs and eggs benedict, being prepared right in front of the guests at a special station. The Russian well-known dish “Syrniki” cooked at The Ritz-Carlton, Moscow is famous all over the world, and the chef keeps the secret of its preparation in the strictest confidence.

If that is not enough, there is fresh pasta being prepared in front of you - spaghetti, penne, farfalle, tagliatelle with any condiment of your choice. Are you not sure what kind of sauce would you prefer? Add one and another, and chose your individual dish.

Pastry Chef Baptiste Villefranque prepares for guests not only traditional French croissants, but also delicious cakes and scones with homemade jam that kids thoroughly enjoy.

“Lazy” Breakfast is not completed without drinks. It includes fresh juices, coffee, tea. Moreover, for those who prefer to start the weekends brightly, Prosecco is offered with no limit.

Breakfast is served every weekend and holidays from 7:00 am to 14-00. Reservation is available.