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There is no doubt that summer is the most beautiful time of year in Moscow. The сity awakens after a long winter with every moment full of action and energy.

MOSCOW– May 30, 2017 Moscow is currently one of the capitals of the world where you can follow trendsetters for fashion, food and beverage, art and culture. Moscow is growing up every day and it is absolutely worth to see. When summer comes it is a totally different city. There are lots of advantages to come to Moscow especially in summer: Open terraces, great events, lots of flowers around the city, fairs, which have become very popular over the past several years and of course amazing sunsets and sunrises. It is truly the best season to explore the city and its rich culture.

Summer 2017 in Moscow is expected to be grandiose and with historical touches.  The first week of June, Festival “Times and Epochs” will allow Moscow guests to travel back to antiquity and voyage through the centuries. Various epochs will interlace on the main streets and city parks into a single historical performance. Enjoy the walk around the city center and come inside from one epoch to another. At Tsaritisno Park it is possible to watch Catherine the Great’s cavalcade, at Kolomenskoe a combat between Roman legions and Barbarians or a camp of the Russian Imperial army.

The festival will open with the arrival of a retro train to one of the Moscow Stations, built in the early XX century. On the train to the capital reenactors will come representing all the epochs of the festival.

Do not forget to visit Gorky Park which is absolutely one of the most popular gathering spots with a diversity of activities enjoyable for both kids and adults. Children can stay at the kid’s club whilst it is possible to attend and enjoy dance or yoga classes. In case you would like to chill and enjoy a quiet kids-free zone, it is possible just to relax on a sun-lounger or a mattress on the grass. For those who cannot live without checking emails, there is a special business zone with a free Wi-Fi.

One more must - do thing in Moscow is a river cruise which is a great way to see the main touristic sites just in 2 hours.  Enjoy the stunning view of historic landmarks such as Moscow State University, The Kremlin, Cathedral of Christ the Saviour as well as industrial constructions, art centers, parks and many other interesting features so different at every turn of the river.

A river cruise is an experience which is hard to refuse. You climb aboard, take a place on the open deck or stay in a glass - ceiling cabin from where you can see all the beauty of Moscow, enjoying a glass of wine and begin gliding along the smooth river surface.

If there are opinions that it is impossible to get a sunburn in Moscow and to have a nice day next to the river, it is totally incorrect as there are amazing beach zones in very green areas of Moscow, including some cafes, bars and attractions to spend a relaxing sunny day.

After all daily activities, sightseeing and shopping walks, complete the day relaxing at the contemporary designed O2 Lounge Sunset terrace at The Ritz-Carlton, Moscow with breathtaking views over Red Square and the always busy Tverskaya street. Try the food truck menu or have a fine-dining dinner, enjoying a glass of your  favorite cocktail unwinding to the sounds of the best DJs in Moscow.