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The Team

Sergi Arola, HEAD CHEF

Sergi Arola was born in Roses, in the Catalonian province of Girona. Coincidentally, Roses is the home of El Bulli, the remote restaurant where Arola’s mentor, Ferrán Adrià, got his start in 1983. Like many professional chefs, Arola’s love of food was fostered during his childhood, when at 12 years old he began cooking with his grandfather. But food was not his only passion. Sergi was also a budding musician with dreams of attaining rock stardom one day.

Milton Anes  - Executive Chef at LAB by Sergi Arola

The young chef has been in charge of the kitchen at Penha Longa Resort’s Arola restaurant since 2013. Curious and dedicated, Milton attended culinary school between 2003 and 2006 whilst simultaneously completing professional internships and taking part in a number of national cooking contests. He quickly made it to the kitchen of well-known Porto restaurant Terra, followed by the renowned Eleven and Tavares Rico in Lisbon. Milton subsequently moved on to the prestigious restaurant Epicure located  at Le Bristol Hotel Paris, where he was hired as “commis de cuisine” and it was not long before he achieved the title of Junior Sous Chef at Belcanto, Lisbon’s first two Michelin-starred restaurant. At the moment Milton is Head Chef at Penha Longa Resort’s Arola and currently Sergi Arola’s right-hand man, leading the kitchen of his newest and most prestigious restaurant LAB by Sergi Arola.


Sommelier Francisco Oliveira began his wine career in Barcelona, Spain. After finishing school, Francisco realised that he wanted to understand more about wine. However, it was his experience in the restaurant industry, where he was constantly exposed to wines from all over the world that encouraged him to learn everything that he possibly could about wine. Francisco then went to work as sommelier in some of the top restaurants in Portugal and Spain. In Barcelona he worked at  Dos Cielos Restaurant, a Michelin-starred restaurant, where shortly after he was hired as head Sommelier. Since then, Francisco has held the position of head sommelier in several top restaurants in Portugal, namely Eleven, another Michelin-starred Restaurant where was working until last year (December). Currently, he works at Penha Longa Resort as Head Sommelier at the recently awarded Michelin star restaurant, Lab by Sergi Arola.

Francisco dedicates most of his free time to his family, continually educating himself about wine and improving his skills.