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Sintra – December, 2017 –The Spa at Penha Longa Resort in Portugal has launched a revolutionary new virtual reality beauty treatment that improves holistic health by nurturing both mind and body.

A healthy body combined with a healthy mind has long been regarded as the foundation of well-being, but now using cutting-edge technology the concept has been given a futuristic mindfulness make-over at The Spa by skincare experts Natura Bissé.

“The Mindfulness Spa Experience involves being immersed in an astonishingly transcendental and deeply relaxing 360-degree virtual reality world while at the same time indulging in a Natura Bissé beauty treatment,” says António Macias, Spa & Wellness Director.

“By combining the touch of the aesthetician—through a unique facial or body treatment—with a virtual reality exploration of the elements of water, earth, fire and air, it is possible to become completely immersed in the moment and indulge in a state of blissful mindfulness that heightens the vivid sensations of the treatment.”

The meditative power of mindfulness has been regarded an important foundation of holistic health for centuries. By focusing on thoughts, emotions, physical sensations and the surrounding environment, mindfulness makes it possible to turn down the volume of mental chatter and noise that can often leads to stress, tension and anxiety.

“Our new spa experience makes it easy to enjoy a sense of mindfulness even for those who have never experienced it before. This is because the gentle touch, stroke and pressure of each beauty treatment awakens millions of receptors in our skin that heightens a state of deep calm. A relaxed mind naturally creates harmonious inner balance and this is reflected in the way our bodies look and feel,” added António.

Penha Longa has been a sanctuary for mindfulness and contemplation since the 14th century when a monastery was established in the heart of what is now known as the Sintra Mountain National Park. Many years later the Royal Family would regularly seek refuge at Penha Longa to escape the busy summers of the Portuguese capital of Lisbon.

“We’re certain that our Mindfulness Spa Experience will offer a new dimension to what is a long tradition of celebrated guests who have come to Penha Longa to seek a fresh perspective in a place of meditative calm and tranquility,” says Penha Longa Resort General Manager, David Martinez.

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