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Sintra – October, 2017 – Penha Longa Resort is supporting a Europe-wide campaign to promote greater awareness of over-fishing, protect endangered marine species and support vulnerable fishing communities.

The ‘Fish Forward’ initiative—launched by the WWF with funding from the European Union—states that 29% of the world’s commercial fish stocks are over-fished, more than 61% are fully fished and there has been a decrease in marine species of almost 40% over the past 40 years.

“World-wide, overfishing is a major threat to the health of our seas and to the people who make a living from fishing. As Europe is the main importer of the world’s supplies it is vital that we understand the importance of taking a more sustainable approach to food we enjoy,” said resort General Manager David Martinez.

At Penha Longa, the resort has signed a commitment to ‘Fish Forward’ that calls on companies to improve their supply chains wherever possible to ensure a responsible and sustainable portfolio of sea products. In addition, two of the resort’s restaurants now only serve fish that is caught locally and plans are underway to label dishes that meet the campaign’s sustainability criteria.

WWF spokesman Sergi Tudela said overfishing and depleted fish stocks were serious threats to future food supplies as well as the livelihood of generations to come.

“Fish is the most traded commodity globally and the European Union is the biggest importer of seafood worldwide. We can’t ignore being part of the problem. But at the same time, we should not forget that all consumers have the power to be part of the solution too,” he said.

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