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Discover how steak is meant to be enjoyed!

At Dstrikt Steakhouse, meat and local produce lovers enjoy the best selection of Austrian meat cooked on a charcoal grill and served with delicious side dishes prepared from local products such as sautéed young spinach or cheese Spaetzle. Living the meat loving culture at our Vienna City Centre restaurant, you may even choose between twelve different steak knives, each one telling its own story. Beer from local microbreweries is another highlight adding to the ultimate Austrian dining experience.

Over 50 kilometers of beach ensure summer feeling in Vienna. Summer pools, the shoreline of Danube Island or urban beaches in the Old City invite for a relaxing summer time in the city. BBQ areas as well as restaurants, cafés and bars make up unforgettable summer days in Vienna. As summer time is barbeque time, we specially created the BBQ to go package for you. A wide selection of our finest culinary delicacies, ensure the perfect barbeque experience with the finest products from our Dstrikt Steakhouse.

The opening times of the “Schanigarten” are weather-dependent.