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Do you have heavy legs after a long day in the city? This pampering treatment has been specially created for you and offers you an ideal getaway after an unforgettable shopping day or an impressive sightseeing day. Enjoy an aroma oil foot bath with geranium or jasmine blossom, followed by a foot massage that will take you to the world of senses and relaxation.

Duration 0.5 hours | Price €45 Euro including a traditional foot bath and a foot massage


SUSANNE KAUFMANN Detox Oil Peeling 200 ml | € 112,00

Is your skin tired from the long winter and needs a fresh-up? With the Detox Oil Peeling you will have glowing summer skin in no time. The detox oil peeling stimulates the detoxification process, stimulates blood circulation and leaves a velvety soft skin. Fine poppy seeds promote the circulation of the tissue and the skin surface is gently smoothed.

Massage the Detox Oil Peeling once a week gently into the dry skin and wash off. The light oil film ensures a velvety soft skin feeling and prepares the skin perfectly for subsequent products such as the Anti Cellulite Cream.

Additionally, we also offer you the Detox Oil Peeling Treatment, where your skin is gently exfoliated, resulting in the perfect glowing summer skin.

Duration 50 minutes | €110