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Public Relations Manager
The Ritz-Carlton, Berlin
Potsdamer Platz 3
10785 Berlin
Phone: +49 30 33 777 6026
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Berlin, October 29, 2015 – The Ritz-Carlton, Berlin at Potsdamer Platz successfully combines sustainability and social commitment with luxurious comfort and personal service: from the hotel’s own honey bees and a hotel-run organic acre to a range of different recycling and energy-saving measures, the five-star superior hotel demonstrates its high level of commitment to sustainable tourism. For its exemplary initiatives, The Ritz-Carlton, Berlin was certified for the fifth time running in accordance with the high standards of the European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme EMAS in October 2015.

“Green Food” for guests
Visitors of The Ritz-Carlton, Berlin can enjoy aromatic vegetables and look forward to delicious salads fresh from the hotel-own organic field in the summer: the kitchen team of the restaurant Brasserie Desbrosses has been cultivating a 1-hectare field since 2014, and harvests 86 different types of vegetables for its guests all year round, such as rare turnips and beets, but also herbs and salad greens. The hotel obtains fish, meat and cheese from regional suppliers who work with organic fertilizing methods and practice humane animal husbandry. For breakfast, the kitchen team serves hotel-own honey produced by up to 400,000 honey bees during the summer months on the hotel roof. Thanks to the bees, a total of 311 kg of honey was produced in 2015, which guests can take home as a sweet souvenir. Guests can also take home cakes and desserts from the hotel patisseries, as well as the popular Christmas Goose-to-go, in sustainable transport boxes make from biodegradable raw materials.

Recycling for a good cause
The most important aspects of sustainable business include a modern recycling system.
The Ritz-Carlton, Berlin goes one step further and has been recycling its paper waste for around eight years in order to manufacture school exercise books for children in need. Up to 5,000 exercise books are distributed every year at the beginning of the school year to different social organizations and schools in Berlin, in cooperation with Recycling Berlin. Furthermore, the hotel hosts an environmental day once a year for primary schools, during which the small visitors can learn more about environmental protection. In addition, The Ritz-Carlton, Berlin takes part in the recycling programme by TerraCycle Deutschland, in which ballpoint pens are recycled and reused, and also where donations for sustainable causes are generated. To date, the Ladies and Gentlemen of the Grand Hotel have collected some 4,200 pens, for which around 40 trees will be planted as part of reforestation projects in Nicaragua by the end of 2015 thanks to the partner organization PrimaKlima.

Saving energy with the highest degree of comfort
Most of the sustainable processes at The Ritz-Carlton, Berlin take place “behind the scenes” and out of view of the guests. For example, more than 13,000 light fittings have been exchanged for energy-saving LEDs during the past few years; this also includes the lightbulbs in the opulent chandeliers in the lobby and in the festive ballroom of the hotel. In addition, The Ritz-Carlton, Berlin has been using 100% eco-electricity since 2011. The entire electricity consumption is managed by an energy management system, which comprises the three main components of voltage control system, building management system and lighting concept. In this way, energy consumption has been decreased by approx. 25 percent over the past five years. In the area of housekeeping, only eco-friendly cleaning products are used, and even the plants, flowerbeds and shrubs in the external areas are watered in an optimal and resource-friendly way using a time-controlled watering system. Starting this year, an eco-friendly electric car is available to the Ladies and Gentlemen of The Ritz-Carlton, Berlin for internal trips and errands.

The Eco-Management and Audit Scheme EMAS
For its efforts in the area of sustainability, The Ritz-Carlton, Berlin was awarded the EMAS Certificate for the fifth time running. EMAS was developed in 1993 by the European Community as an instrument for companies wishing to improve their commitment in the area of sustainability. The system offers a fixed framework, where compliance with environmental protection aspects can be integrated into day-to-day operations and which helps improve business-related environmental protection. An internally formed REACT team, led by a qualified environmental protection officer, ensures compliance with the strict sustainability requirements at The Ritz-Carlton, Berlin, and constantly seeks further optimizing potential. A binding environmental protection declaration summarizes all of the “green” initiatives of The Ritz-Carlton, Berlin, and can be found online at

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