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Vignettes of contemporary Vietnamese and Indian Art  

BANGALORE, November 2017:  The Ritz-Carlton Bangalore iterates its title of being a veritable Art Hotel with another showcase of exquisite Artworks from Vietnam and India.

The series - ‘A Journey Through Art’ has been curated by the Asian Art House and brings together a journey that started many years ago highlighting the artistic learning, philosophy and process of various art forms and sensibilities of the two countries - India & Vietnam and their distinct imagery. 

It touches upon each and every artist’s journey in their refined experiences, their observations as creative individuals taking a visual form which is diverse, subjective and most exclusive.

Contemporary Indian and Vietnamese art displayed at the show fuses multiple concepts and forms of media to express both traditional Indian and non-traditional themes of the 2 different countries.

The artists have exhibited their art forms and gained prominence the world over for their contributions to the global art scene. Budding and established artists in India have been able to create lifetime engagements with their audiences by having their works displayed at numerous art exhibitions, galleries, art camps and workshops. Within Vietnam, the artists have created a buzz in the recent years with their simple style, brush strokes, vivid techniques and textures.

Vietnamese Artists
Vietnamese Art is unique and different. The artworks are representative and amongst the most creative of the new wave of contemporary paintings in Asian Art. Internationally, there has been an immense surge of Vietnamese art in recent years. Of all the Asian art markets, Vietnam has a very special and altogether beguiling form of artistic expression which is irresistible yet, profound in many aspects.

The artists selected are among a bunch of new and emerging young artists who have been inspired by the well-established masters of Vietnam’s contemporary art world who are highly accomplished.

Color is the most important component in their works. Some artworks have a critical element of textures and layers and achieve a seamless blend of the Vietnamese contemporary art scene.

The artists employ a wide range of styles and techniques.

Indian Artists
The Indian subcontinent is famous for being the home country of a large number of exceptionally brilliant artists. The art of painting in India dates back to the ancient times, as is evident from the artistic journey of each and every artist.

Many Indian artists have received global recognition also and their artworks have fetched millions of dollars even in international auctions. From art revolving around religious topics to the abstract ones, Indian artists have covered almost each and every arena

Springtime on Old Street
Van The’s paintings showcase a surreal imagery, giving his canvasses a harmonious balance and richness in detail. He efficiently uses cool tones and focuses on simplicity of themes. Through his paintings, Van The presents depth of perspective and poetic imagery that draws the viewer into a world of symbolism and layered narratives.
(Oil on Canvas , 48” x  48”, Rs. 80,000 )

Le Hoa is a self taught artist and his paintings are a part of private collections in USA, France, Germany, UK, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong. From the inspired effort of contemporary artists, Le Hoa paints mainly impressionist realism portraits and cityscapes with an aura of confidence.

The subtleties of colour and brush strokes are both strong and vivid in his paintings.
(Oil on Canvas, 37” x  37”, Rs.68,000)

Samir Sarkar
Samir’s paintings depict people wearing some headgear that has face painted on them. This depicts the double-faced nature of people. To the artist it portrays that we always wear a face that is different from the real one we have. It is like a face we have to put up to suit the personality we want to project which is always different from the real one. For the past 15 years, acrylic color has been the main medium for his paintings.

The figures have a definite inspiration from Egyptian paintings, thus the figures are drawn in the same form, the clothes that they wear have long lines making them look taller and in a way Egyptian. The bright and effervescent colors give a rich hue to his works. The artist’s paintings in a way are people he lives with. They give him inspiration to produce more, to experiment more and thus to create his own world with them.

The artist has exhibited in many shows in India and overseas.
(Acrylic on Canvas, 71” x  36”, Rs.1,70,000 )

Paramesh Paul
Paramesh’s inspiration towards spiritual sensibility began early in life being associated with The International Society For Krishna Consciousness (ISKON) in Shri Mayapur, in West Bengal, where he worked as an artist for 10 years.

In his paintings, Paramesh expresses the life of people with mythology. The Benaras series include scenes around the river Ganga. Benaras is famous for its ghats, architectural extravaganza, temples on the riverbank with spacious gateways and tall minarets. Every ghat has a story to tell and has captured the essence on his canvases.

Upon his visit to Benaras, the shimmering red mesmerized him and the golden water of the Ganges when sunrays reflect on it at dawn; the high banks, the temples, the Ashrams, pavilions and atmosphere are extremely captivating.Through his paintings, he has tried to portray all of this. He has created water with delicate brush and palate knife strokes.

The artist’ s exploration of the spiritual legacy of the Benaras ghats is attributed to the wonderful colour play of red and orange that makes this dynamic colour interaction.

The entire composition is based to strike the spiritual chord of the rich and vibrant past of Benaras; the splendor of the temple architecture in his paintings captures the inherent charm of the ghats. His works are amongst the well-known private collectors in India and overseas.

(Acrylic on Canvas, 30” x  48”, Rs. 1,59,000

Contact for Asian Art House

Rajika Mittra - Director
+91 77 99 800 889

Art Display at The Lobby Lounge
From 7pm on 18th November to 5pm on 19th November

Sunday Brunch with elements of Vietnamese cuisine at The Market
Date : 19th November
Pricing: Non- Alcoholic Brunch 2750AI, Sparkling wine Brunch 3950AI, Champagne Brunch 4500AI

For Further Information Please Call: 80 4914 8000