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Here on the deeply spiritual island of Bali, Sanskrit words are seamlessly intertwined with our daily lives and used in Hindu prayers, as well as to name places and people. Sanskrit is the sacred and philosophical language of Hinduism.

Remaining true to the spirit of the island and to invoke the notions and feelings of our spa experiences, at The Ritz-Carlton Spa all our treatment rooms and villas take on the resonance of these beautiful Sanskrit names.

Spa Villas

  • Spa Villa 1: Padma Asthana (Lotus Palace)
    One of our spa inspirations is the Taman Ujung water palace in Karangasem where we can find ponds filled with lotus, a flower indigenous to Bali.
  • Spa Villa 2: Devaloka (Realm Of Gods)
    This invokes Bali’s renowned status as the Island of the Gods.
  • Spa Villa 3: Anandaloka (Realm of Heavenly Bliss)
    You are invited to indulge in the bliss offered by our spa.
  • Spa Villa 4: Sama Asthana (Tranquil Palace)
    Feel the absolute peace and serenity from the moment you step into our spa.

Treatment Rooms

  • Treatment Room 1: Santhi (Peace)
    Feel at peace during your treatment through the use of various aromatic oils to soothe the senses.
  • Treatment Room 2: Priya (Love)
    Massage is the art of touch, one of the oldest and simplest forms of communication. Through the gentle hands of our spa artisans, guests will experience the healing care of love.
  • Treatment Room 3: Tirta (Water)
    Water is one of the primary elements in spa treatments.
  • Treatment Room 4: Nirmala (Pure)
    All our spa products are made from natural ingredients.
  • Treatment Room 5: Ishta (Cherished)
    Guests are invited to cherish the personalized service and bespoke therapies offered at our spa.
  • Treatment Room 6: Karuna (Compassion for the Distressed)
    Our caring rituals provide weary souls with compassion and nurturing.
  • Treatment Room 7: Nithya (Eternal)
    Guests will have fond memories of their spa visit, even after they return home.
  • Treatment Room 8: Sandhya (Sunrise)
    The welcome of a new day, or renewal, signifying the refreshed and renewed feeling after a spa session.
  • Treatment Room 9: Samatha (Harmony)
    Each treatment is designed to balance the body, mind and spirit.
  • Treatment Room 10: Anantha (Infinity)
    Time seems to stand still in the spa, giving guests a priceless gift in this busy world.
  • Prana Relaxation Area: (Gift, Inner Strength)
    Time to relax is a valuable gift and within our relaxation area, guests can rest and daydream.

Find Serenity in Bali

Prepare to leave your worries behind and immerse yourself in the serenity and healing power of the ocean.

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Spa and Salon Hours of Operation
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