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The "Mini Explorers" experiences offer your children the chance to learn new skills, survival mode, make new friends and take part in a wide range of creative activities, all under expert supervision. A learning adventure inspired by nature; its offerings combine opportunities for the entire family to explore Balinese culture and enriching eco-based activities together or just for the Mini Explorers.


Be “Mini Explorers” once more with our half day and full day program. Adults are encouraged to join in any program with their children, as an introductory experience to Mini Explorers. Children ages 5 and up may also join on their own.

A full day program of discovery, sustainability learning & culture immersions. Combining nature activities with the meaning of Bali’s street visuals and daily life activities – a truly creative way to introduce Bali and Ubud to the Mini Explorers.

8 hours

One child flies a Balinese kite and another writes on a chalkboard in the middle of an outdoor garden

Start your morning off in a healthy way whilst exploring Balinese healing traditions. From morning yoga to discovering native plants to learning how to create your own Balinese herbal drink, this is the perfect way for the whole family to experience a taste of Mini Explorers at Mandapa.

4 hours

Start your day off tuned in to health, fun, and cultural discovery. From an active Jungle Gym hike where you will discover unique cultural elements of our site, to learning how to make beautiful Balinese ceremonial canang, to engaging in entirely new cultural traditions and games, this is the perfect way for the whole family or just the kids to have a fun and enriching experience.

2 hours